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2017 Ambassadors

Meet this year’s international students…

Quezia Lima

Dublin is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city and offers me the unique experience to immerse myself in sound. Walking through the city I can hear music everywhere, it is spills through pub doorways, out of upstairs windows and from buskers in the square. It is all the evidence I need that Dublin is definitely a centre of music. Whether I am into Rock, Pop, Indie, Blue, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Folk or Traditional Irish Music, it is all to be found here, played live by great professional musicians close enough to touch. I can find great theatres with an amazing acoustics to enjoy concerts, music festival all year round and famous studios such as as Windmill Lane, making Dublin a perfect place to study Music Production

Griffith College Dublin

BA (Hons) Degree in Music Production

Sydney Turner

When the option was presented, I took a risk and moved with two suitcases to truly discover what the world had in store for me. Coming from California, and having over 600 graduates in my senior class, I was the only one who went abroad for their full degree. I saw it as an opportunity of storytelling, a gift I could share with others. I had desire to truly create a life I knew I could look back on and set myself apart from everyone with. I believe life is short – so move to Ireland while you get the chance!

University College Dublin

Social Science: Politics & Economics

Sumire Komori

I chose UCD because of my constant desire for new experiences. It was by chance that I was approached by the possibility of Ireland — a country I had never been to, nor knew anything of its history or society. I was ultimately drawn because of my lack of connections there, and the thrill of the challenge to discover a new and unfamiliar environment while armed only with my ability to communicate in English.

University College Dublin

BA Arts (Hons)

Yensi Flores

UCC is the only Irish University that was part of the EU ERASMUS MUNDUS AMIDILA scholarship. I was awarded this scholarship for pursuing a MSc degree in Molecular Biology. From the Universities part of the AMIDILA consortia, UCC had the strongest and more unique MSc programme, incorporating innovation. This programme, aligned with my ideal of entrepreneurship in the life sciences.

University College Cork

PhD in Cancer Research

Powell Mittra

Ireland is the only English speaking country in the European Union. It is a gateway for the international students, like me, to enter the European Market. It is also one of the safest places in the world. The Irish are the most friendly people that I have ever met. So naturally, Ireland was my first choice. Moreover, the 2-year graduate visa which allows the international students to stay in Ireland after graduation was the deal maker for me. PS: The Guinness tastes better in Ireland!

Trinity College Dublin

Master of Business Administration

Lidong Liu

Ireland is a country with high education standards, boasting five of the world’s top universities. There’s is a favorable learning environment here and on campus, students and teacher help each other like a family. Ireland has a low international population rate; therefore, people have more chance to use English which is important especially for international students.

Shannon College of Hotel Management

Hotel Management

Dora Nguyen

I was lucky enough to come to study at UCC back in 2013 for an intensive English course. I did enjoy the friendly and supportive atmosphere that our lecturers created in the classrooms and their dedication toward our improvement and success.That is why Ireland stood out as my very first choice while choosing where to pursue my Master degree. What could be a better place to learn about Public Relations with New Media than the country with a rich culture of creativity and technological advances?

Cork Institute of Technology

Public Relations with New Media

Tariq Shakeel

What could be more perfect than getting your Master’s in the country of your dreams – Ireland. Ireland is known for its friendly culture, rich heritage and a place where you are being given a plethora of opportunities to realise your strengths and skills. Universities in Ireland have an high reputation in terms of the quality of education, faculty, and students. So here I am, finally living my dream.

National University of Ireland Galway

Accounting & Analytics

Haley Myatt

Through pictures and videos online, among the jaw-dropping beauty of the country, Ireland always seemed like a home I’d never been to and, for years, I had dreamed of jumping on a plane and discovering the country. I quickly learned — through more serious, thorough research — that Ireland is more than just beauty. Ireland is culture, innovation and community. Galway is generosity, diversity and growth. NUI Galway is leadership, ambition and impact. It was impossible for me to say no to an opportunity to pursue what once was just a wild dream. In retrospect, I didn’t choose Ireland… Ireland chose me.

National University of Ireland Galway

LLM International Human Rights

Anish Umarjikar

I attended Education in Ireland fair in Mumbai out of curiosity and was impressed by the plethora of compelling courses and campuses offered. It was after meeting the university representatives and reading the Education In Ireland blogs, I decided to apply to the selected universities. Quality education, cultural diversity, and global presence helped me finalise Ireland and NUI Galway. I haven’t been happier in my educational life!

National University of Ireland Galway

MSc International Management

Zhixiang Zang

I wanted to experience a professional perspective of my course while researching in a new and advanced educational system. Ireland without doubt possesses one of the best educational systems in the world and he country also has a welcoming spirit which explains the presence of so many people from other countries here. This particularly makes it an ideal place to study. The encouragement and support of my parent also contributed to my coming to Ireland.

National College of Ireland

BA Human Resource Management

Xuefei Liao

I can work in Ireland after my study at least for 1 year, which gives me a chance to practice my knowledge and skills learning from college into real life. Ireland is one of the most peaceful counties in the world, where people are famous for their friendliness and I can also practice my English here!

Maynooth University

MA Accounting

Ammar Saleh Alammar

I picked Ireland as the Irish education system is one of the best in Europe and Ireland is famous as an international hub for high quality scientific research. Irish people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality which greatly contributes to the ease with which overseas students adapt to student life in Ireland.

University College Dublin

MSc Food Nutrition and Health

Nishita Dimri

I applied to a lot of different universities in various other countries but Ireland just spoke to me on a different level. Something about Ireland intrigued me. The course structure of the University of Limerick was interesting and something that I found was very relevant to the industry. Apart from that Ireland has a scope in tourism and has unleashed its potential in the same very nicely. That just made my decision easier.

University of Limerick

MA International Tourism

Moira Crowley

I chose Ireland because I was excited for the unique opportunity to study criminology from a European perspective. An opportunity to get a feeling for the law as an experience, rather than just an academic course in one university. The possibility to study such different content not only in depth but in-country was invaluable. Having completed various courses and training, my interest criminology in had only increased; I wanted to take that further, expand upon my knowledge base, and specialise in a legal system that will have an impact in the modern world, with global implications in the coming years.

Maynooth University


Weng Kit Chan

Where I come from, Ireland has always been synonymous with
medicine. While contemplating where to pursue medicine, The Emerald Isle was right there at the top – for its warm Irish hospitality of céad míle fáilte, its rich Gaelic history, its stunning backdrops that are a nature lover’s paradise, and its uncompromising attitude towards education – exemplified none more so than by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland


Myrna Velazquez 

I first learned about Ireland in history class – I found its architecture and history so interesting. So when I had the opportunity to move to Limerick and study for my BA, I did not have to think twice! I fell in love with Mary I and the city just from the picture I saw online and when I arrived I wasn’t disappointed. Mary I is an amazing school that helped me set up my life in Ireland, as well as offering me a great amount of help in deciding what my degree would be, and for that I am very grateful.

Mary Immaculate College


Oluwabunmi Adesanya 

Studying in Dublin, especially RCSI was very appealing to me because of the strong multicultural presence. Being Nigerian and Canadian I wanted a place where I’d be able to express both sides of myself and the opportunity to be exposed to other cultures was ideal.

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


Xiao Zexiao

As one of the most popular countries in the world, Ireland has a high-quality teaching system and a thriving economy. Ireland has many famous universities, such as Trinity, UCD and DCU. It is very wonderful that universities will give graduates many opportunities to find jobs when they graduate from colleges. In addition to studying, Ireland has a very good geographical location and is very convenient to travel to other countries in Europe.

Letterkenny Institute of Technology


Diana Catherine Lopez Osorio

I´m fortunate to be able to afford international studies thanks to my family´s support. I decided to look for a place where technology, security and a lively spirited-environment are remarkable aspects in the community – Ireland!

Dublin Business School

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Adetunji Paul

I chose Ireland because it was the country in Europe that afforded me the most flexibility for my academics and the most opportunities after college for me to continue my career. Ireland is a growing economy and I am making a bet on Ireland for the next five years that it’s no coincidence many global companies have their EU HQs here. I am hoping to make the best of my opportunities.

Dublin Business School

MBA in Marketing

Neha Kumari

I had an option of getting into a good college anywhere around the world but I went for Ireland because I have heard a lot of praise from people regarding Irish citizens, their hospitality, the mild climate of Ireland and most importantly the exceptional quality of education they provide. The education provided in WIT is second to none and I am truly happy that I made the right choice.

Waterford Institute of Technology

Masters in Computing (ISP)

Pilar Luz Rodrigues

I first came to Ireland two years ago to pursue an MA in Social Studies at Waterford Institute of Technology, under the Government of Ireland Scholarship. What caught my attention about Ireland, and specially Waterford, was the richness and value attributed to culture and heritage. As culture was my focus of study, I instantly realised this was the right place for me!  My experience in Ireland, as well as studying at WIT, with world-class research opportunities has been so enriching academically and personally, that I have chosen Waterford once again as a study destination, to continue my research journey in a PhD.

Waterford Institute of Technology

PhD in Social Science

En Ning Sim

Ireland, to me, has always been associated with the adjective “friendly”, and that was why I chose to travel 7266 miles away from home to pursue my law degree here. Offering quality education with affordable fees, Ireland is deemed to be economical-friendly for us international students. But most importantly, the warmth and friendliness of the people in Ireland, is the ultimate reason I chose Ireland as my study abroad destination. I’ve only been here for six weeks but Ireland already genuinely feels like a second home to me.

Waterford Institute of Technology


Shinu John

I have travelled a lot and found the Irish people to be the most friendliest and most welcoming. Ireland is the new hub for technology and data and I wished to be part of this progress. Ireland is also the home to some of the world’s most beautiful locations. I am a photographer as an alternate profession and I look forward to capturing these. I believe what I do now could be tomorrow’s history.

University of Limerick

Masters Information & Network Security

Kalina Anderson

At home, I had fallen into a routine and wasn’t ready to leave it. But when my mom and I visited the school, I was, for the first time, excited to leave everything I’d ever known. I’ve never had a hard time making “radical” decisions, but this was most certainly the wildest one. The opportunity that was available to me really sealed the deal for me, and I knew being in a completely new and unfamiliar environment would force me to get involved and become more of the person I want to be.

Mary Immaculate College

Bachelor of Arts

Chioma Okoye

I was first introduced to Ireland in 2014 when I helped plan a Ministerial trade delegation of forty Irish companies to Nigeria. I have since then gone on to work with a couple of Irish companies in Nigeria. I developed an interest in the Republic and in the Irish culture, and was fascinated with the possibility of studying here and exploring the scenic countryside. The offer of a scholarship covering tuition and living expenses was a major influence in my decision to study at LIT.

Limerick Institute of Technology

MBus Marketing & Management Strategy

Chloe Houston

When I was offered the Bachelor of Business in Travel and Tourism at Limerick Institute of Technology, I felt I could not pass up this amazing opportunity. Not only could I spend a year living and studying in Ireland, it also included a placement opportunity which meant I could spend time working in another country!

Limerick Institute of Technology

BA in Business Travel and Tourism

Elena Pagter

When looking for possible countries to complete my master’s thesis, I found myself drawn to this beautiful island. Ireland had extraordinarily gorgeous landscapes and music that I simply needed to visit. And, of course, I would finish my studies along the way. I loved the local and research community here so much that staying here was my only option! My love of the ocean has kept me close to the coasts of the world and what better place live than by the Wild Atlantic Way? Nothing tops having a bit of craic with my mates on the salty shores.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

PhD in Aquatic Sciences

Muhammad Abubakar Khan

I am a Pakistani with Urdu language as my mother tongue, I have always wanted to study abroad in an English-speaking country. I love to explore more places and meet new people, which really helps me feel lively. I always wanted a western surrounding, for that Ireland was one of the perfect places. Ireland has its own culture and traditions, that makes it even more interesting to research about.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Business Administration

Kimi Sakoda

Irish universities were not on my radar until I went to a university fair. I met an ambassador from DCU who advised me on which programme would be the best for me. This was the most significant deciding factor on choosing DCU. After consulting with my parents and doing research on what kind of place Ireland and Dublin is, I made the final decision to choose Ireland.

Dublin City University

BA Humanities

Mohammed Al Ali Basha

There are over 40,000 international students in Ireland which means the educational system is designed for everyone and it integrates a variety of teaching methods. Ireland is a very safe country, and that is an important factor that affects any students’ life.

Dublin City University

Msc in Business Management

Farah Abushanab

I wanted to earn a degree in a world recognised and certified university but my goal goes beyond just earning a degree, studying here gives my the chance to grow as an independent individual. Ireland is well-known for its warmhearted people and diversity of students, here I’ve learned about different cultures.Studying abroad is also a great opportunity for me to represent my country and the rest of the Arab world.

Dublin City University

Business Studies

Shi Min Low

My parents are one of the top reasons I came to study in Ireland. They always encourage and motivate me and have instilled the importance of education. Studying in Ireland will help me gain independence while making new friends with local people and experiencing a beautiful place.

Athlone Institute of Technology

Higher Certificate in Business

Aidyl Mhay Sanchez

What better place to learn English than in a country that not only provides quality education but is also home to Irish people, known for their welcoming personalities and open minded attitudes towards other cultures.

Dublin Business School

BA (HONS) in Psychology

Premchander Mohan

As one of the only English-speaking countries in the EU, Ireland offers the opportunity to experience a different culture without having to grapple with a language barrier. Ireland also recently finished top in the Good Country Index, which measures a country’s overall contribution to the world, from arts and culture, to science, and education.

Dublin Business School

MBA Information System

Anshika Sharma

“Ireland, with its rich historical background has a certain pull to it. The country is a mix of the past and the present.Religion has always intrigued me, and as Theology is unavailable in India and I knew I had to leave the country to follow my passion. The course structure that Irish universities offer for my field, is vast and hence covers everything. With academics being my main focus, I decided to shift to Ireland.”

Dublin City University

MA in Theology

Nawras Al Kindi

Ireland is so multinational, there is no place better than than Ireland to study International Relations. Ireland is a beautiful country, for me it is quiet and just the perfect place with great atmosphere, for fun and study! It is the beauty, landscapes, rich culture, history and vibrant city that also contributed to my choice.

Dublin City University

International Relations

Kean Yeap Yong

One of the reasons that I chose Ireland was because of Brexit, I believe companies based in the UK may set up their new EU base in Ireland due to the strategic location. The population of Ireland is 4.8 million, 34% are under age of 25 and 10% are international residents – I feel this mixture of people ensure that Ireland has a considerable future.

Athlone Institute of Technology


Maria de los Angeles Martinez Moreno

I choose Ireland as it offered me the opportunity to achieve a great level of education. It is a place where students are a valued future workforce, where you can  grow and shape your professional profile through work experience. The variety of cultures you can find in Ireland makes this country a special place to build up unforgettable memories as a foreign student. The friendly and warm welcome from the Irish will make you love and call this country your second home.

ICD Business School

Business Studies

Yicheng Fan

Irish government policies encourage the arrival of international students, which shows a very positive attitude. Ireland is a viable country, which can be seen from the economic, cultural and other aspects, I can see a very bright future in Ireland.

Institute of Technology Tallaght

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering

Jo-Ezer Lau

I wanted to see the world, to experience living away from home at a distance that would help me grow and mature. My passion lies in food science, and the food industry here is very promising, it has vast opportunities for growth and a wide range of platforms that support innovation. Why Ireland? A leap of faith. No regrets.

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Food Science & Nutrition

Victoria Rinsma

The college I attended in Canada is affiliated with IT Tralee, so I was able to take my two year culinary management credits and transfer them to be able to start in Third year in Ireland. I addition, I am able to receive a higher level of education for my specific field in Ireland than in Canada, which will set me apart from my colleagues for potential employers.

IT Tralee

BA in Culinary Arts Student

Sara LaBlance

The friendly and welcoming nature of the locals has made it so easy to adjust to life in Ireland. Each new friend I’ve met has been happy to show me around, and teach me about the rich Irish culture, and history. Combine that with the quality education offered, and close proximity to European countries for travel, coming here was an easy decision!

IT Sligo

BBS (Honours) Marketing

Maria Agusta Pramesti Tamtomo

Ireland showcases great architecture and structure, that’s why I choose Ireland to study architecture! I love the people here, they are very welcoming and the culture is rich and varied. There is beautiful countryside, history and it’s a peaceful and very calm country.

IT Sligo

BA (Hons) Architectural Design

Thiau Wan Chee

It has always been my dream to study abroad in Europe, but out of all the countries, Ireland is my first choice. I love Ireland. The elegance of Georgian’s architecture, Irish unique accent, the land of Saints and Scholars! Ireland offers affordable tuition fees for international students compared to other countries and the Irish culture is great! Who could resist enjoying the “craic” in Ireland!

IT Sligo


Viktoria Fisher

It all boils down to history. My own history, Ireland’s history, and how they intersect. My family has lived in Canada long enough to be considered Canadian, but we were once Irish. I cannot help but feel curiosity about my familial roots. Beyond that, I find myself fascinated with Irish history. It is very different than what I’m used to and fills every stone in this country.

IT Sligo

Medical Biotechnology

Ruiqi Xie

Ireland is so green! There are many ancient architectures which tell the history of the country vividly. I loves photography, and these two points make Ireland a dream! Irish people live their lives at a slower pace, encouraging you to appreciate the good things in life.

Institute of Technology Tallaght

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering

Santosh Deeti

Ireland ticks all the boxes! It offers the opportunity to surmount the language barrier, experience a different culture and an reputed educational system recognised for excellence in many disciplines. Research and practical work on offer here are a good way of getting hands-on experience for aspiring graduates and an emerging IT Industry in the backdrop of a strong and stable economy provide me a sense of direction in my career.

Institute of Technology Carlow

M.Sc Information Technology Management

Ryan Teeter

Ireland is home to many successful and innovative technology companies, including Google. In addition to this, Ireland has a very strong with relationship with the Ontario Colleges of Canada and was my opportunity, both financially and personally, to pursue a degree with international leverage. It has always been a dream of mine to gain international experience, and with the help of the friendly and helpful recruiters I met from Carlow, I realised this was my best choice.

Institute of Technology Carlow

BBS (Hons) Marketing 

Alexis Kilroy

I am a Business Administration Marketing student, so gaining international experience is a priority. I love culture and exploring the outdoors (I am an avid hiker!) Ireland fit the bill, showcasing the best of both worlds – truly embodying a great balance of work and play.

Institute of Technology Carlow

BBS (Hons) Marketing 

Suk Jing Lim

I have always enjoyed exploring new places and learning about different cultures. I went on to study A-levels in another state after graduating from high school to widen my options. That was when I met my guidance counselor, Mr. Benjamin. I got to know about Ireland through him and MyStudy. The best thing about Ireland is that it has plenty of captivating castles and natural wonders, and third-level education is provided at a much lower cost compared to other countries.

Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

BSc (Hons) in Computing

Ming Jin Choo

Ireland is an English-speaking country that grants me the opportunity to enhance my English proficiency and capability to communicate with other international students from all around the world. This will benefit me to get ready for an international workplace and start building an international professional network.

Athlone Institute of Technology