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Five things you know about if you’ve studied abroad in Ireland

January 14, 2015 | By | 2 Comments

Dhvanik Miglani studies Computing at TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus. She’s from New Delhi, India and needless to say moving to Ireland was a whole new experience for her. From potatoes to the X Factor, here are five things you’ll find familiar if you’ve studied abroad in Ireland…

Moving to a new country is a lot more than just changing places. It is more like exploring a new landscape, a new culture, new habits, and often all about leaving your comfort zone completely. Three months back, I moved to Dublin from New Delhi, India. Initially it was a complete change for me, everything was so different that for a while I felt like I was dreaming…

With that in mind, here are the top five things I found odd about Ireland compared to my home!


Yes, the weather! It is so unpredictable that you cannot trust any forecast or weather app. I clearly remember my fourth day here – the morning was chilling cold, the afternoon was sunny, and in the evening it rained! I literally experienced three different seasons of India all in one day in Dublin!


Three months ago these words had a totally different meaning in my dictionary. ‘Grand’ simply meant something big and ‘cheers’ was reserved for drinking toasts. Cheers means a lot more now – thank you, no problem, hello and goodbye! And ‘grand’ is even more confusing–  it means ok, alright, great, fine and superb, the list goes on! So many different expressions all conveyed through two simple words.


Undoubtedly people across the world love sporting events. But, in Ireland, and especially around Gaelic Football and Hurling, the level of enthusiasm for sports is at a whole new level. If a game was on tonight, I would hazard a guess that at least 90 percent of Irish people would be watching it. It would be on in almost every living room. Restaurants show matches on big screens, and bars are full of people cheering – great fun!


Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor… two of the most popular reality shows on TV during the time I’ve lived here. They are watched, loved and talked about by everyone. It is often one of the hottest topic of all conversations in my college.


Potatoes are everywhere and in everything! No meal in Ireland is complete without potatoes. We have potatoes (chips) with fish, steak, wings and every other thing. They are in sides, starters and even in the main course!

Guinness pintsIf you are meeting your friends, you will surely end up having a pint of Guinness. It is the traditional Irish dark beer, and celebrations are incomplete without it!

Looking back, these things were odd but now they are all a part of me. The warm and welcoming people of Ireland make these aspects of typical Ireland even more wonderful. I love each and every bit of these things now!

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