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Friends, fun and education: a Brazilian studying abroad

November 5, 2014 | By | No Comments

Luiz Fernando Zago, our 2013/14 Brazilian ambassador, is approaching his conferring at IT Sligo and in this blog, reflects on his time studying in Ireland…

When you depart for a period abroad you certainly know how fruitful, how insane, how magic it is going to be. The first days are always the hardest ones, getting used to another language, a different culture and random grocery shopping.

What people cannot tell you about exchanges is how you become after it. Because no words can describe it. The way you become open-minded, the experiences you live through, the awful and terrifying situations you will be facing (in my case: “I spent all my money last night and can’t get to the airport back to Ireland!”).

Nevertheless, traveling and getting to know the world (French people and their passion for Connemara) can enlighten any person. That, and some pints — how I miss you Guinness!  But none of those experiences, none of those situations and none of the good moments would be possible if it wasn’t for one thing: people.

People will be there with you. Random nationalities will become your newest friends (J”e suis bresilien!”). People will dress like crazy for house parties. People will make insane deserts in the middle of the night with you (and for you, because you don’t cook). But most of all, people will be there FOR you.

As you travel through your international student journey, these people stop being just ‘people’ and start to be called friends. And the friends that you make on exchanges will know and share a part of you that no one else can. I’m really proud of being part of this amazing group of friends in Sligo, Ireland, this last year. Thanks for all guys, and see you this for the conferring! Miss you all! Sláinte!

Do you want to study in Ireland? Check out the Education in Ireland website for all the info you need.



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