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Ameer Gazder (NUI Galway)

My name is Ameer Gazder, I am 18 years old and I am doing a Bachelor of Civil Law at NUI Galway. I come from Narragansett, Rhode Island but have strong family ties in Ireland. Having been born in Galway, I have spent my entire life coming back to Ireland during school vacations and summers to visit family and enjoy the amazing culture and atmosphere of Ireland. It was this affection, familiarization and attachment to Ireland that drove me, as an American, to actually attend university in Europe, specifically NUIG.

Studying in Ireland has provided me with valuable insight into the educational, professional and cultural atmospheres of the country, which I now wish to share with other American students who are looking into possibly studying abroad in Ireland. Be it the fantastic education system present in the universities, the rich culture and heritage of the country, the warm hospitality of its inhabitants or any of the other countless reasons to love Ireland, there is always something that captures the heart of every student who studies here, and as a student ambassador I am tremendously eager to help potential international students find their own specific niche here in Ireland.