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Carly Presley (University of Limerick)

Hi! My name is Carly Presley and I’m a study abroad student at the University of Limerick. I’m originally from Colorado, but go to school in Nebraska at a small Jesuit college called Creighton University. I’m a nursing major, and either want to work in the emergency room or a hospice care center when I graduate. If that doesn’t pan out, I want to be the inventor of the world’s first hot tub time machine. Or the next Susan Boyle. It has yet to be determined. I’ve played lacrosse since second grade, and play goalie for the Creighton women’s lacrosse team back home. They actually do have lacrosse here in Ireland, but it’s not as popular as sports like Gaelic football or hurling. Hurling has become a fast favorite of mine. It’s REALLY fun to watch. I even got to take a couple of swings on a trip to Croke Park through the International Club. In addition to the International Club, I’m also a member of the Outdoor Pursuits Club and the Skydiving Club. As a direct result of participating in these clubs, I’ve climbed the tallest mountain in Donegal, swam in the Atlantic Ocean, and sky dived in Tipperary. Not too shabby for just one semester : )