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Clubs and societies at the University of Limerick

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Harshal Charhate likes to have a life full of variety. As a student at the University of Limerick, he has experienced a plethora of new activities – from badminton to tea appreciation – and has made new, supportive friends through the clubs and societies offered by the college…
One of the great benefits I discovered upon coming to Ireland was the ensemble of clubs and societies (C&S) that are available at the University of Limerick. I went to a recruitment drive, which was the best way for me to see the large variety of what was being offered. At the drive, all the students who run and are part of the C&Ss showcased what they do. They used various techniques to attract people. For instance, there were mechanical rowboats being used by the Rowing Club, walls being climbed by the Parkour Club, and a car simulator was used by the Karting Club.

UL society recruitment drive

UL society recruitment drive

I like to have a variety of activities in my life. One of the clubs I decided on was the UL Badminton Club. The feeling of being part of a group with a common interest is one of friendliness and support. With all that we have to do in school and life, it feels like having partners in crime! Every C&S organises parties and social events where you get to spend time with others outside the playing field too.

“Being part of a club or society is about doing stuff that you really like or have always wanted to try. The opportunities are endless.”

The clubs and societies are not all just about having fun while making new friends. There is also the element of sharing a common interest and learning. I also spent some time with the hockey team to learn more about the sport. For a person who has never held a hockey stick before, they taught me the basics of the game in two sessions. It was enough for me to hold my own during a friendly game!

Apart from the physical exercise, I also had the option of playing board games and video games with like-minded individuals with the Games Society. There can be no better stress-buster than those fun nights spent around the table as you try to outwit opponents.Another fun society that I joined was the Literary Society. We create so many fun stories as we learn more about writing. My next goal is to join the Athletics Club for some distance-run training, or maybe the Tea Appreciation Society to learn more about tea!

The UL gang!

The UL gang!

However, I am leaving the best for the last—the International Society. This organisation is full of banter (gossip) and craic (fun). They organise events every week, and one event was Mask Night which included a mask-making workshop followed by a mask-themed party. There are also various trips organised to visit places around Ireland for affordable prices.

All in all, being part of a club or society is about doing stuff that you really like or have always wanted to try. The opportunities are endless. Just the other day I saw a group of people being trained to skydive! I am not as interested in this because I am afraid of heights; yet, I may give it a try as I now have many new friends who would encourage me to overcome my fear!

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