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Developing with and in Dublin Business School

March 22, 2018 | By | No Comments

College can give you so many great things — it’s not just an education. Aidyl Mhay Sanchez, our Filipino Ambassador, is currently studying for her Undergraduate in Psychology, and in this blog she tells us what DBS has done for her…

When it comes to providing care, there is a specific approach that any multi-disciplinary team takes into account when meeting an individuals’ needs. It is called the “holistic approach” and considers the following; physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. With this framework in mind, I’d like to share how DBS has creatively attended to my needs in every aspect, something I’m truly grateful for! The following summarises how DBS has fulfilled my needs throughout the last two academic years…

First year was unforgettable. Thanks to DBS, I was able to study what I am very passionate about. They provided me with modules that met perfectly with my expectations when it came to studying Psychology and for the most part thoroughly enjoyed the presence of enthusiasm in our lecturers when they teach. It is such a simple concept, having the willingness, drive and joy to educate but when teaching is done just like this, it genuinely makes learning (something very difficult), more bearable and exciting!

Other than learning the fundamentals of psychology in my first year, I was privileged enough to put theory into practise that summer, in a two-month International Summer Internship with “Willingness Clinic” in Malta. There, I discovered more about my own personal strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and most importantly I experienced personal growth. If it wasn’t for the opportunities that DBS made available for students like myself, I wouldn’t have experienced something very rare like this. Specifically, all thanks to a DBS Alumni George Savage who is a current member of The European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations, he is the reason why I got this opportunity in the first place. You see, what’s uniquely different about DBS was that the mentors, lecturers and the dean himself knew your name and acknowledged the hard work you do, when you do, and you aren’t just another face in the classroom. George was proof of that, till this day he remains a friendly face and continues to be a great asset to DBS, along with many other successful graduates. This brings me to my next point, where in my second year, I engaged in the college as much as I could because then I knew that what DBS provided would be of great benefit to me and that has been and will always be what they continue to do. Through all of this I have become a better student, team player, leader and all in all a better version of myself and it’s only just the beginning!

So not to completely end this blog so emotionally, I’m going to end this blog with a very obvious advantage when it comes to studying in DBS. My college is in the heart of Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Centrally located in the hustle and bustle of the tourist life, student life, corporate life and so on. DBS will not disappoint prospective students, especially those who believe they suffer from “FOMO” (Fear of missing out) as I can guarantee that you certainly won’t miss out on all the fun happening here in Dublin if you’re in the middle of it all! With that, because its in the centre, DBS makes going to and from lectures very convenient. There’s easy access to hundreds of Dublin buses to catch daily. As a student, not many have the privilege of accessing education in this regard quite as easy as I do, therefore this is definitely something I will never take for granted as its only one bus ride away and that in itself is a plus for me (#buslife)!

I hope this blog allowed you to get to know DBS through my eyes as an International Student Ambassador. For more information about Dublin Business School, visit the DBS website

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