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Electronic Engineering at IT Carlow

May 21, 2015 | By | No Comments

IT Carlow international student Qin Jingyi discusses her course in Electronic Engineering and the difference between studying in China and Ireland…

I am currently participating in a cooperation programme between IT Carlow and GUET (Guilin University of Electronic Technology). I spent my first two years of college in China and am now continuing my studies and final two years in Ireland. This special experience has allowed me to experience the difference between education in two countries and has been an amazing opportunity. In this blog I have focused on two key areas of studying Electronic Systems and compared how the course subjects and projects are approached in China and Ireland.


The subjects for Electronic Systems are similar in both countries and the main areas studied include analog systems, digital systems, signal systems and computer network systems. In IT Carlow, the content difficulty will increase according to the grade rise and the final year here in Ireland is the most importance. The grades you receive in this last year will affect your final graduation grades and your job prospects after college.

In China, the course is usually focused on the first three years and is broken down as follows: The first year is when you establish your base subjects, and the second and third year expand on this base. The last year is focused on your final project and any course work that wasn’t completed in the previous three years. In this last year, students will spent more time for looking for jobs or preparing for Postgraduate Admission Tests. To me this is very different in Ireland and many fourth year students apply directly for graduate jobs in the industry and may return to further education at a later date.


As an engineering student, there are lots of mini and design projects throughout the course year. These projects really help to cement classroom learning and in IT Carlow, we carry out a design project every year. This area is an independent subject in my course and it is one year in length. Each student has a professor assigned to them to help with their project work, and these tutors act as guides to teach you how to self-learn and complete the project.

In China, you also undertake projects but only in the final year do you have the opportunity to work with a professor. In the years prior to this and in addition to classes it can be difficult to secure a help from an individual lecturer. Many professors tend to be busy and time-poor so it’s not as easy in China to communicate with them.¬†However in IT Carlow, I have the chance to talk with my professor whenever I have questions or need assistance. We more like friends here! This level of communication between student and teacher really helps me understand and learn.

These areas are two important things for me and my education but there may be other things that concern you! Comment below if you have any questions about studying in Ireland and subscribe to never miss another post!

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