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Five strange and amazing things about Limerick

December 4, 2015 | By | One Comment

Wildlife, good craic and the home of Munster rugby – just some of the incredible things you’ll find in Limerick City. Chilean and University of Limerick Ambassador Barbara Campos shares her top five…

The Limerick accent

Expect a strong accent dotted with creative slangs in Limerick! If you don’t understand the phrasing, don’t worry about it. Here you will find a very friendly people, so don’t be afraid or embarrassed if in the beginning you don’t comprehend quite what they are trying to say. Smile, relax and ask them to repeat it!

Good “craic”

Please, don’t be confused about the term of “craic” (/kræk/ KRAK) in Ireland. If someone offers you an opportunity to have good craic, this is no more than an invitation to have a very good time, with a lot of fun, and probably conversations and beers. The people in Limerick like to have fun, no matter where. It can be in a traditional Irish bar drinking beer or taking a trip in a horse-drawn carriage around the city!

Wildlife… in the city

Don’t be alarmed if you see cows and ponies on the side of the road as here animals are not elements that you will find exclusively on the farm! Limerick is full of them and its people are very proud of this tradition. The city is unique and culturally diverse meaning you can see modern highways and just next to them cows and ponies grazing!

Fishing on campus and watching the salmon jump in Annacotty

The River Shannon will give you the most romantic sunsets ever. You can meet Irish friends, walk along the river and enjoy the “soul of Limerick”. The UL campus is the best example of this balance. You can ride your bike there, enjoy the view, sounds and colours of River Shannon but also go fishing at Plassey were you can catch all types of fish, and even watch the salmon in Annacotty!

Sport fans

Watch Rugby on TV? No need! If you are in Limerick, just go to Thomond Park – the home of Munster rugby. Also you can follow the Limerick Hurling and Football team who play in the Gaelic grounds in the heart of the city.

Culture, sports, slang, friendly folk and ponies are just some of the amazing things you can find in the city of Limerick. I love it here!


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