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From Brazil to Ireland: Three and a half years of life learning

They say it’s not where you go but who you meet along the way. Find out what Franciele has learnt from the people she has encountered while studying Computing in the National College of Ireland

I chose to study in Ireland because I felt it had the possibility to feel like home. Most towns and cities in Ireland are small and easy to navigate and feature all the great facilities that larger spots around the world have – good transport, cultural diversity and plenty of entertainment. Ireland felt like a place where I would feel safe, especially as I travelled here alone with only my agency as an initial supporting source. I did consider staying and finishing my studies in Brazil, applying for an internship there and avoiding a great change in my life but, despite these natural nerves, I booked my flights and I left my home country without a certainty of what I was going to face full of excitement!

Today, I look back and think that I would do it all again and not change one thing – where else in the world would I have had the opportunity to meet people from so many different places? I’ve learned something from every person that I have met during my three and a half years in Ireland.

My French friends taught me to appreciate good food, and that cooking can be not only a necessity but fun and pleasurable! There is a French bakery in Dublin that makes amazing desserts – watch out for the macaroons they come in so many flavours and are so tasty!

My eastern European friends, specially the Polish ones, taught me so many interesting things about their country and even a bit of Russian and Polish. Yeah, I didn’t know that some Polish citizens do speak Russian as well, and the Russian alphabet is not as complicated to learn as it seems!

My friends from Bangladesh, taught me about their culture and religious beliefs, a great percentage of Bangladesh is Muslim.

My friends from China introduced me to their incredible food, and luckily I am spoilt for choice here as there are loads of Chinese restaurants and markets in Dublin and in my town Drogheda.

And of course the Irish – I have made so many great friends from here and they are always so welcoming, and willing to help.

I’ve experienced so much as as an international student in Ireland with the help of all the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet along the way – things that I could never have learnt from a book or a TV show – maturity, responsibility, cultural awareness and an acceptance of other people’s belief and traditions. The past three and a half years spent in Ireland have given me so much to be grateful for, and I hope I can continue to learn much more from my time here!

Do you want to study in Ireland? Check out the Education in Ireland website for all the info you need.

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