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Galway: My new study abroad home

March 5, 2015 | By | No Comments

Galway is Janvi’s new home. She’s our Indian Ambassador and a Master’s student at NUIG, and in this blog she shares some of her top spots…

My journey from India to Ireland, more specifically from Mumbai to Galway, has been amazing.
Just being here since six months, I feel at home. Travelling for the first time outside my home country all alone, meant there were lot of apprehensions, and worrying parents, but once I landed in this beautiful country I knew things were going to be ok!

Coming from a big city of dreams like Mumbai – the city ‘that never sleeps’ – to a comparatively smaller city of Galway was a big change. But, if you love peace and serenity then Galway is for you! And for those you need a little action, rest assured the night life is also amazing here!

In this my first blog, I want to introduce you to the place where I stay, study and live my life. Galway is one of the friendliest and safest cities in Ireland. Small yet beautiful, it fascinates me everyday.

On my first day in Galway, I went with a new friend and housemate, to roam around Galway city. It was summertime, the sun was shining bright and the river was full of ducks – what a marvellous experience! The area pictured is called as the Docks and Spanish Arch…


Next on our list was Salthill Promenade, and one of the finest beaches and an amazing tourist attraction, that is also loved by joggers and walkers. Salthill is on of the more upscale areas of Galway and beautiful villas, hotels, and parks are all a part of this stunning location.


This year I was very lucky to witness the 60th Galway Oyster Festival. It is one of the most traditional and renowned seafood festivals in the world, and held it’s 60th birthday meant it was celebrated on a grand scale.

For me though, the most wonderful part of Galway is the National University of Ireland, where I study and it’s a place I am proud to be associated with. It is one of the oldest and one of the prestigious universities in Ireland. This picture just depicts one building in the campus but it is actually it is spread massively wit many building and top-class facilities.


This is only a short introduction to the city and includes some of my favourite places, but trust me, if you are planning to come to Galway and study, it is a great decision and one you won’t regret!

My next blog will be all about the Master’s programme that I am pursuing right now at NUIG – International Management. And yes, I shall also be writing about some Indian shops and food items available in Galway! Yum! I am sure Indian students will agree with me when I say spicy food is an integral part of our lives!

So stay tuned!

Janvi x


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