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Grand designs in Irish eco-living: Building with cob

May 15, 2013 | By | No Comments

Ever wanted to build an eco-friendly home from sustainably sourced materials?

Well, Natalie Woociker, our Limerick School of Art and Design ambassador, shows us how it’s done when she went to visit Cloughjordan Eco Village in Co Tipperary.

In January, I had the opportunity to visit an Eco Village in the town of Cloughjordan with my neighbor, and Limerick-based architect, Caelan Bristow. Caelan designed a cob house in the Eco Village, and I tagged along on one of her site visits, just as the house was nearing its completion.

I have been interested in the building material cob for a while now. Until recently, however, I’d never had the opportunity to experience cob in-person.

According to Wikipedia, “Cob is a building material consisting of clay, sand, straw, water, and earth, similar to adobe. Cob is fireproof, resistant to seismic activity (relatively speaking), and inexpensive. It can be used to create artistic, sculptural forms and has been revived in recent years by the natural building and sustainability movements”.

Cob houses have stood in Ireland for hundreds of years, and many are still lived in today. In places such as the Cloughjordan Eco Village, as well as the Hollies Centre for Practical Sustainability in West Cork, cob construction has truly re-emerged.

Take a look at my photo gallery of my trip, explaining the process below. It’s my own hope to learn cob building methods, and build my own cob house some day!

Entrance to Cloughjordan Eco Village

Pedestrian path to Cloughjordan Eco village

A nearby neighbouring house, seen from the cob building in Clloughjodan

The foundation of the cob house in Cloughjordan Eco Village

The door of a cob house at Cloughjordan Eco Village

A closeup of cob material

A fireplace in a cob house

Cob stairs and window


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