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My Irish mommy

December 7, 2012 | By | 2 Comments

Lacy, our National College of Ireland ambassador tells us all about how she truly settled in to Irish life by moving into her perfect home.

Being an international student, everyone will face the same challenge at some point – homesickness. Being far from home is never easy; far from the places that you are familiar; from the food you used to have and moreover from the people who you love.

When we first arrive in a new country, we have a period of time that we may not even think of our family or feel homesick, I call it the ‘honeymoon’. Everything feels special in the new environment, you never feel bored of doing anything.

During my first semester I stayed on campus and it was fun to hang out with flatmates from different countries, in fact we got along with each other very well, but I still felt like there was something missing.

In the second semester I decided to move away from the city centre, due to the personal budget concern, and my friend suggested that I search on to look for a suitable place to live. I was determined to rent a bedroom with locals so I could learn more about the culture, country and of course have more chance to use English as a daily language.

I was very lucky to find my ‘home’. My Irish mommy is my landlady who is living by herself in a house, so I rent a bedroom from her. From the first day I met her, I could smell ‘home’, the feeling of love and being comfortable. Irish people are sincere and friendly and they truly open their arms to you and touch your heart.

I remember the first weekend that I moved in: the family took me to a nice restaurant near Dublin port and after the meal we had walked along the port. It was a lovely welcome from the family and I was so touched by how much love they gave me. I have become a part of family which makes me feel whole, I attend all the family events and even the little grandson will be looking for me whenever he thinks I should be there.

The feeling of being loved and cared for by the family is wonderful, I am very grateful to have my home in Ireland and because of their love and support I have decided to stay in Ireland for my master degree.


“Home is where mom is” and I love my Irish mommy!


If you are interested in studying in Ireland, check out the Education in Ireland website for all the info you need.



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