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How to survive an Irish winter

April 14, 2015 | By | 3 Comments

Spring has well and truly arrived and Siobhán Darmody, an American exchange student at the Shannon College of Hotel Management, has learnt a lot about surviving an Irish winter over the past months. Here are her tips on getting through the cold, wet days, and what to look forward to…

As a country to live in, Ireland has so much to offer. The culture is rich, the air is fresh and (wow!) the scenery is stunning. But the weather, as you may have heard, is not always the best. But, you know, the country wouldn’t be half as beautiful if it wasn’t for all the rain!

When I returned back to my school in Shannon after the Christmas holidays, I realised that the months from January through to March can be quite dull. But it makes you appreciate when it is sunny in Ireland. Below I have outlined ways to make the rainy winter days in Ireland more bearable.

1. The first key to putting up with Irish weather is realising that you have to go out and live your life regardless of the rain. Growing up in America, people would use the excuse of bad weather to not leave the house; but in Ireland, if you use this as an excuse, your daily activities will be depleted.

2. The second is about using your leisure time in different ways. The month of January can give you the opportunity to catch up on the year’s Oscar-nominated films, and you can seem super cultured when you watch the award shows with your friends!

3. Third, the rainy weather can present more opportunities to have, what we call in Ireland, DMCs, or deep meaningful conversations, over a hot pot of tea. Personally, I have found these conversations very enlightening amidst the repetitive day-to-day college talk. Many of the campus cafés are warm and cozy, making them great locations for DMCs.

4. The last suggestion I would make to dealing with the cold and damp of the winter months is simply to stay optimistic. Having a positive attitude can help when you are dreading dealing with the weather. Be optimistic about April bringing a warm, sunny Irish spring. The months of spring and summer in Ireland are warm and never too hot. These are the days that make the winter months worth living through!

So, even though winter in Ireland might seem daunting, use it as a time to hibernate and enjoy the quiet. Summer here is the best, and you’ll want your energy to really enjoy it!

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    i like to join Hotel management in ireland pl advise the course duration and fees includind lodging.
    i read about whether it is exciting to have rain and winter i love.

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