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Marielle Rocca (Trinity College Dublin)

I am currently in my third year at Trinity College studying business and economics through the BESS program. Last year my main focus was academics and I received a first in the year.

My first year, I lived in Trinity Hall in Rathmines and enjoyed being surrounded by other students eager to make friends. As a fresher, I participated in the DUBES trip to Cork and a class trip away to Galway. I enjoyed these opportunities to socialize as well as see different parts of Ireland.

Living off campus and away from most other students this year has encouraged me to join more clubs and societies in order to stay involved in the social aspect of college. I have joined the DU Food and Drink Society and the Trinity Entrepreneurial Society, in addition to others, and I look forward to becoming an active member during the year.

I also am a regular user of the Trinity Sports Centre. Because I am involved in a variety of activities, I believe that I can really show prospective students all that Trinity has to offer.

My first and second years at Trinity were one of the best experiences of my life and I am sure the third will be the same!

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