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Medicine at Trinity College Dublin

January 9, 2015 | By | 2 Comments

Find out why Ireland is a great place to study medicine. Anchal Jain is our Trinity College Dublin and Indian Student Ambassador. In part one of her three-part blog, she interviews two international students from Malaysia and asks them why they chose to study medicine in Ireland…

First up, meet Dhiviya Ganesan, an international student from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. In this video, she shares why she chose to study for her undergraduate degree in medicine at Trinity College Dublin.

Duration: 1 minute

The second of our Malaysian medical students, Jake WenJie, is from Penang and also studying at Trinity College Dublin. Find out why he chose to complete his undergraduate degree in Ireland…

Q. Why did you choose to study medicine in Ireland?

The first time I heard of medicine in Ireland was when I completed my A-levels. I was in the midst of applying to the UK at the same time and hence did some research on Ireland. After speaking with one of the representatives of Irish Universities in Malaysia (IUMC) it turned out that Ireland was:

  1. An awesome country with a great city and views to die for
  2. A very musically inclined place
  3. At the forefront of medicine

Being a city boy who loves the country views and is very musically influenced, it was definitely a no-brainer to choose Trinity College Dublin when I received the offer!

Q. How is the teaching technique at TCD different from universities back home?

There’s definitely a whole lot more of hands-on work here at Trinity College (eg. dissecting donors and physiology labs). Apart from this, there is an emphasis on self-motivated studying compared to a more ‘spoon-fed’ system back home.

Q. What do you plan to do after you graduate? Are you considering staying in Ireland or traveling back to Malaysia for work?

For now my options are wide open, while it’s always nice to go home and be with my family, it’ll definitely be more challenging and potentially eye-opening to work elsewhere, whether that will be Ireland, the UK, the States, Australia or anywhere else in the world!


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