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MSc in Computing at the National College of Ireland

June 2, 2015 | By | 3 Comments

Interested in Data Analytics or simply struggling to decide on the big three – course, country and college? Sujay Viswanathapalli is studying MSc in Data Analytics at the National College of Ireland, and in this blog he tells us all about his journey to the perfect Master’s in Ireland…

What course should I choose?

I discovered my passion for information technology during my 2nd year of my Bachelors of Technology in Electronics and Communications. I knew I wanted to do my Master’s in a course which could help me build a good career in the IT field and I began my search for the right computing course for me. It was during this research I discovered Data Analytics and I was intrigued!
Data Analytics also known as ‘Big Data Analytics’, deals with data that is often described as the cream of the present day technology sector. This paticular field is hot property according to some of the world’s leading tech brains…

“By 2017 Big data market will top up to $50 Billion market.” Jeff Kelly (M.D. of SiliconAngle)
“Data is the oil of 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine.” Peter Sondergaard (Vice President, Gartner Research)
“Data Analyst, is the sexiest job of the century.” Hal Varian, Google.

Within the business side of the Data Analytics course there are subjects like ‘CRM Management’ and ‘Managing the Organisation’ that deal with management topics, and the tech stream of the course deals mainly with the following modules:

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

This module covers the collection of data and the creation of data support systems which support and enable the decision makers in making efficient choices at the right time.

Data Storage and Management

This subject deals with the latest prevailing cloud data storage technologies in the industry such as Hadoop on Linux systems and Apache-Cassandra.

Strategic ICT and e-Business Implementation

This area gives an insight into e-Business Strategies using the latest technologies and covers the development of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems such as Salesforce.


This is a mathematical subject dealing with the prevailing industrial statistical topics. It also aims to familiarise students with statistical tools such as IBM SPSS and ‘R – Language.

Advanced Data Mining

Advanced Data Mining is a module that deals with all round data processing techniques that translate data into valuable information. The tools taught in this program include R – Language and Python Language’.

Programming for Data Analytics

This subject deals with up to date technologies in the world such as ‘R’, ‘Python’, ‘Pig’, ‘Hive’.

Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation helps in understanding the visualisation techniques of challenging data structures. The tools used include High-level Excel, R- language and Python – language.

Find out more about the Data Analytics course at NCI

What country should I study in?

I was hooked on the idea of Data Analytics and I started looking for the perfect study abroad destination for me. I began my research in countries that had good IT sectors and offered an equal balance of opportunities. I decided on Ireland due to following factors:

Find out more about studying in Ireland on the Education in Ireland website

nci-libraryWhich college should I apply to?

I had the opportunity to talk to many senior students from my country who did, or were currently undertaking a Master’s in Ireland. I found out about NCI and I consider myself very fortunate to be admitted to my dream course here.
The National College of Ireland is one of very few colleges that offers the latest in advanced computing courses including Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Web Development. It is located in the heart of Dublin and also features the ‘Cloud Competency Centre’ for Computing students – a wealth of resources to help students in becoming globally competitive and successful.
NCI has fantastic student facilities and offers so much support in the form of the International Office, Careers Department, Student Services Department, Academic (Teaching) Department and much more. Staff from all of these departments are available to students during college hours and as well as through email.
NCI had been ranked number one by The Sunday Times for graduate employment in 2013, showing the efficiency of the Careers Department and the strong industry links the college has.
The teaching standards of the college are very high and equal preference is given to theoretical study as well as practical teaching. This approach is really useful for students and is strengthened by experienced staff who are available all the time during college hours and are just an email away for any out of hours concerns!
I have enjoyed a great student life at NCI. The events conducted by the International Friendship Society and the Students Union are marvellous and have made my time here so far truly memorable. There are numerous clubs and societies in which students can actively engage and participate in.

Find out how to apply as an international student to NCI

When I began my search for my perfect course, country and college I had ‘a knife that needed to be sharpened’ and ‘a fruit hanging from the very top of a tree’. In NCI, I found a place that has taught me the techniques of getting the fruit from the place I am standing avoiding unnecessary stress of getting to the top of the tree! In short, I couldn’t recommend NCI highly enough for students who are aspiring to become industry leaders.


  1. Sourav

    I am planning to pursue MSc in data analytics from Ireland, so with your perspective how’s NCI Ireland good in terms of placement after completion of MSc in data analytics. And i didn’t understand what you have said in the last line that” I couldn’t recommend NCI highly enough for students who are aspiring to become industry leaders”.

    Best regards,

  2. Kani

    I couldn’t recommend NCI highly enough for students who are aspiring to become industry leaders.

    What does it mean ? Last line

    • Hi Kani,

      The last line is referring to NCI being a great place for people who have ambitions to become leaders in their chosen field of study. Hope that explains things.

      Student Ambassador Blog

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