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My reasons for choosing Letterkenny IT

February 25, 2015 | By | No Comments

Letterkenny IT offers great facilities in a beautiful location and this is just one of the reasons that Chern Yin Ng, our Malaysian Ambassador, chose to study abroad here…

Having to choose which college to enroll in is not as simple as it sounds. It is even more challenging when you decided to study abroad and there is a long list of colleges to choose from and you’re likely to have little understanding of your destination country before leaving home. Well, I decided to study in Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT). I have friends who ask me why Letterkenny? Isn’t it far away from major cities? Well, in answer to these questions, I’m going to tell you why Letterkenny IT was the perfect choice for me


I managed to get a scholarship from the college, and honestly speaking, this is one of the biggest reasons I made LYIT my first option. As part of my scholarship, I have the opportunity to assist in some of the school’s activities. This task is not at all difficult but actually really fun, and I get to meet people that have become good friends!


The students at LYIT are mainly local mixed with some international students. Since my classmates here are mostly Irish, it has been a great way for me to improve my English language skills while studying. There is a good chance that’ll you’ll even pick up an Irish accent while here!

Slieve League Cliffs and Glenvagh CastleLocation

LYIT is located in County Donegal – a place with beautiful landscapes and scenery, and a favourite destination for many travellers. One example of the county’s extraordinary beauty is Slieve League, a mountain on the Atlantic coast of Ireland and one of the highest sea cliffs in Ireland. It offers an amazing view of the sea and surrounding landscape. Another attraction would be Glenveagh National Park and Glenveagh Castle. These lovely attractions are about an hour away from Letterkenny, and Belfast – the capital of Northern Ireland – is just two hours away. As a student at LYIT, it’s easy to take a bus to visit these places during the weekend as they are all nearby!

Facilities at LYITSchool

After my first 3 months here, I can honestly say that college life is great! LYIT has the state of the art facilities, with modern, new and clean buildings. From the classroom, sports hall to the library, all of them are well suited to students’ needs, and provide a comfortable environment for everyone. Besides that, the lecturers and staff do a great job and maintain the high standards of the college. The help I received as an international student from the international office at LYIT made settling in to college and Ireland a lot easier. They have taken care of me since the day I arrived, showing me around and saving from being lost all the time! Afterall, it does take time to adjust to life in a foreign country. Also, there is always something going on in LYIT, just in case you get stressed out from studying.

People with umbrella walking through the rainIn summary, apart from the rain, I have really enjoyed my stay here in Ireland. Just remember an umbrella is a must!


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