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Packing for Irish weather

January 31, 2012 | By | No Comments

Siobhan, our NUI-Galway ambassador, shares her tips on essential items to combat the sometimes changeable Irish weather!

When people ask me when the best time to go to Ireland is, I never have an appropriate response.  Most people ask this question with the thought “when will the best weather be?”  But truth be told, people don’t and shouldn’t go to Ireland in search of good weather. The rain is in fact what makes Ireland so incredibly beautiful and luscious, and it is the sun that then glorifies it (on occasion!).

When packing for Ireland the first obvious essential is an umbrella.  In addition to shielding yourself from the rain, a durable coat with a hood could be advantageous.  Due to the heavy and daily rainfall, it is also critical that you have adequately sturdy shoes; I find that boots are best for this climate.  Also, Ireland is a country where walking is a daily part of life and implemented continuously.  Again, reinforcing the need for a solid shoe or boot.

Ireland can also be very windy at times, so an endless supply of scarves, hats and gloves help in keeping out the cold air.  Since Ireland is a relatively cool and rainy climate, thankfully, when you are indoors, businesses and homes tend to be very warm.  I advise to dress in layers to maintain warmth and utmost dryness when not indoors.  However you pack, remember to do so comfortably and efficiently.


Ireland is also a very fashionable country that focuses on style and trends; when thinking of what to pack for evening wear think trendy and comfortable! However, each to their own individuality.  Just remember, don’t forget that umbrella and hood!


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