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PhD research at University College Cork

March 2, 2015 | By | No Comments

Research-based study is tough and requires determination, but it can be fun! Ricky Anthony, our 2014/15 University College Cork and Indian ambassador, shares his insights as a PhD research student in Micro-Inductors in Electrical Engineering…

Once I finished my Master’s in Electronics & Communication Engineering in India, I looked abroad to realise my vision and ambition to pursue a PhD. There were lots of research opportunities back home but I wanted to work in a cutting edge environment, and with a topic that had applications in existing markets. When I heard about the Microsystems Center at the Tyndall National Institute at University College Cork from a friend, I immediately applied. What attracted me to the programme most was that I would get to work with experts in the field, on a topic that has huge market value, and that the programme was completely funded. The selection process involved a telephone interview and a review of my past academic performances, and I was delighted when I was accepted.

I have been here for just over 18 months, and I am very happy with my decision to study and research in Ireland. Research can be painstaking and demands hard-work and determination, but I found studying here increased my enthusiasm and quest to know more and more – making the whole research process enjoyable!

The fact that UCC has world-class facilities and experienced staff has helped me further. The Institute provides the chance for students to gain skillsets essential to post-PhD life. With over 450 researchers and 135 postgraduate students from different fields, the Tyndall National Institute gives each student a multi-disciplinary environment, and it is one of the only fabrication facilities in Ireland for multi-purpose applications. Also, the project has some of the leading industry partners in Europe and studying here has allowed me to meet the peers in my field through various conferences.

On a personal note, I feel that UCC has also given me a chance to develop myself – to learn and grow as a person. I am really involved in student life here, and a member of the Tyndall Postgraduate students committee which conducts an annual poster competition and addresses any issues that students may have.

Continuing my education in Ireland has not only been a fantastic academic opportunity but also a platform to meet new people and experience life abroad. The fact that Ireland is an English-speaking country has really helped me to get along with people here, and to understand the culture. The scenic beauty, and calmness of the landscape here provides ample leisure opportunities. During my time here I have made friends from so many different countries and cultures giving me a broader outlook towards the world as a whole.

Cork has a healthy Indian community and an active UCC Indian community. Last year’s Diwali celebrations attracted more than 400 guests and it was well noted by local media. All in all, UCC is an ideal place to achieve your academic goals without losing out on any fun!

These are the seven best things research in UCC has offered me:

  • Excellent facilities to conduct world-class research
  • Research is fully funded, and this includes stipend
  • Cutting edge research area with collaborations with leading players
  • A multi-disciplinary environment to explore new insights on a problem
  • An English-speaking country helps making new friends.
  • Active community from home in Ireland, so I don’t miss out on home food and festivals!


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