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Student life in Waterford

May 8, 2015 | By | One Comment

Arindam Pal, a student at Waterford Institute of Technology, has had a rich experience, not only on campus, but in Waterford city. He reveals some of the perks of going to school in this historical spot – from interesting lectures to amazing sports facilities, museums and much more..

Being a student in Waterford has been one of best experiences of my life. Waterford is a beautiful town in the southeast of Ireland. In this town, I’ve done everything from spending evenings in the city square to learning how to play music through one of Waterford Institute of Technology’s music courses.

My days start with a happy maidin mhaith, or “good morning” in Irish, to my friends. Morning classes start at 9am and are actually a lot of fun. My afternoons are either buzzing with bubbly discussions in the student canteen or are spent in the main library. WIT’s Luke Wadding Library is a quiet place for me to study and holds over 200,000 books for students to use. The late afternoon classes sometimes bring great surprises with challenging games or even guest speakers. My days are quite educational in this way. Certain days at school can be fun-filled when we go on college field trips! Classes usually end at 5pm and, at this time, my friends from various departments get together to enjoy the exhilarating WIT sports facilities. There are excellent grass pitches, training areas, indoor games, and a fitness suite. We all get in the team spirit, whether we are playing a game or even watching Irish hurling or Gaelic football matches.

When all the hard work is done, there is still more fun to be had. The Waterford City Square has an excellent choice of shops, malls, and eateries. In particular, there are some great Indian restaurants to try. Usually my friends and I will meet and walk the city square while enjoying beautiful street music and happy people. Sometimes we go to the historical places Waterford has to offer. Reginald’s Tower is a good example where we can view a collection of artefacts and videos from the period of the Vikings. Waterford Crystal, a famous crystal making company is also impressive. The Bishop’s Palace Museum is another that displays treasures from the 17th to 20th centuries. Afterwards, we like to spend quality time in late evening along the boardwalk by River Suir. Sometimes, for stress-busting, we hang out in one of the various city pubs or discotheques. If we want to meet other students, we go to the college Dome bar which is a great place for fun and socializing.

The time from September to December was great for events and holidays. In Waterford, there were celebrations for science week, the harvest festival, Christmas Winterval, and a hot air balloon championship, as well as major holidays like Diwali, Eid, and Christmas.

There’s so much more learning and enjoyment to be had in Waterford and at WIT. Come and be part of our student family to experience it! Hope you all enjoyed reading this post—subscribe below to make sure you never miss another post!

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  1. Kochea

    Hi Arindam,

    i’m Kosala from Srilanka and i’m willing to apply to WIT for undergraduate course in September intake. i have few questions to you if you can answer please.

    1. Do you recommend Waterford over Dublin?
    2. what is the living cost in Waterford per month (aprox)

    any way it’s a nice article and i enjoy reading.keep up the good work.hope to hear from you soon.

    best regards,

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