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Study in Ireland: An unforgettable experience

February 10, 2014 | By | No Comments

Syed Murtaza is our IBAT College Dublin and Pakistani ambassador. Here he shares his experience of studying in Ireland, the difficulties he faced and how he overcame these with the help of new friends.

Very few events in life become unforgettable memories. For me, coming to Ireland to pursue my studies is one such event.

I arrived to this pearl of Europe from the land of the Indus Valley full of hope and excitement, and found myself in a country badly hit my a financial recession. This added to the difficulties I faced in adapting to a new country but, thanks to the Irish people and the lifestyle here, I learnt many life lessons which guided my through. One being when times are tough, keep struggling and never give up!

The memories of my early days in Ireland will be something I’ll always cherish, and being here has become more than just an overseas adventure. My time here has been a learning experience in many ways, and I know it will be a source of inspiration for the rest of my life. Not only have I been fortunate enough to receive education in Ireland; benefitting from the wisdom of teachers who have guided me. Bu,t I also feel lucky to have had the opportunity to meet so many new friends. I have studied alongside many international students from varying backgrounds within my course at IBAT College Dublin, and as a result of good times spent together, I now have a number of trustworthy friends from lands previously unknown to me. These friends have been¬†deeply influential and a constant support.

An adage goes that changing of latitudes results in changing of attitudes. My visit to Ireland has proved this adage to be quite true. Anxiety, stress and depression are things I have now left behind. I get less perturbed by the turbulence of my life. As Curie would put it, “there is nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. I have learnt to implement and call on this statement, and I believe this is a direct result of witnessing the determination of Irish people during times of adversity.

My studies are now on the verge of ending, and leaving this country will be like leaving my second home and a safe haven. The beauty of this land, the exotic climate, the ever-smiling faces, and easy-going attitudes of people are things I will take away with me as souvenirs. My time in Ireland is beyond doubt a golden period of my life by far!

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