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Studying medicine at Trinity College Dublin

February 1, 2015 | By | 4 Comments

Find out why Ireland is a great place to study medicine. Anchal Jain is our Trinity College Dublin and Indian Student Ambassador. In part two of her three-part blog, she interviews two international students from Singapore and the USA and asks them why they chose to study medicine in Ireland…

First up, meet Prerna Kamath, an international student from Singapore, and find out why medicine at Trinity College Dublin was the right choice…

1. Why did you choose to study medicine in Ireland?

I had heard that Ireland is a great country to study medicine in and Trinity College Dublin has no doubt proven that. The weather, the people and life here are very different from Singapore. Studying in Ireland is a real adventure, and it’s great to be able to study the course I love in a university that I also love! The curriculum and study techniques adopted here really suit me, and this was just one more reason to accept the offer for TCD!

2. How is the teaching technique at TCD different from universities back home?

Back home in Singapore, the teaching style is not much different except that Trinity College Dublin provides students the opportunity to interact with patients from the second year. However, some of the other medical schools in Ireland also follow similar techniques as those in Singapore and so I have come to realise, at least from my experience, that the teaching styles depend on the university primarily, and not just the country.

Q. What do you plan to do after you graduate? Are you considering staying in Ireland or traveling back to Singapore for work?

At the moment, it is too early to decide. However, I wouldn’t step back from a job offer from either country because after all medicine is studied to be practiced and to help others and where one does it secondary.

The second of our international medical students, Kate Zavin, is from New York and also studying at Trinity College Dublin. In this video, she shares why she chose to study for her undergraduate degree in medicine at Trinity College Dublin.


  1. Rida Fatima

    wat is ur fee structure for medicine??

  2. Elisha Kim

    How many international students are shortlisted for an interview and how many get offers?

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