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The best things about studying for a Digital Marketing Masters @ UCD

March 27, 2015 | By | No Comments

Can Ireland offer the “American Dream”? A Digital Marketing master’s student from University College Dublin, Roshani Tina Thomas describes her desire to study in the West and the best things about studying in Ireland…

Finding my ‘American Dream’…

Like most teenagers in India, I grew up hearing about the “American Dream”. So, like in the Bollywood films in which a teenager ventures off to the West, my family bid me a teary goodbye at the airport while stuffing Indian sweets in my backpack and trying to look cool in front of the onlookers. But I didn’t mind the attention – I was off to one of Ireland’s best universities, the University College of Dublin.

So, what are some of the things I’ve experienced while studying abroad? Here is a short list from an Indian perspective.

  • First question upon arrival: Where can I find Indian Khana?! I was in luck as there are many Indian restaurants in Dublin that were able to help me find food from home.
  • There are many Indian exchange students, so you never really feel homesick!
  • 1 Euro = 70 rupees ( tears! )
  • The numerous clock settings to Indian time when I have to call my mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunty, nephew, niece, best friend, girlfriend…and the list goes on.
  • Living abroad is truly living independently. It’s not like visiting friends and family in another city or country. You will be figuring it all out on your own!

So, why did I choose to study for my second master’s in Ireland?

My reasons for studying abroad in Ireland were simple. Having already completed my master’s, I was interested in pursuing a double master’s after working in the marketing sector and realising that the world is heading into the digital era. Thus, I started my search for the best master’s course in Digital Marketing. After much research and contemplation, Ireland stood out as the star winner because of its high education standards.

The idea of a ‘one-year master’s’ suited a professional like me perfectly. Ireland is also now one of the largest digital start-up regions in the world. The promise of a 3rd level graduate scheme to apply for jobs post-study, and of course the benefits of subsidiaries like Enterprise Ireland make it a fertile country for start-up growth. Combining these facts with a degree from a University that ranks in the top 100 of the Financial Times is “The Dream” for a student like me.

Apart from the many high quality education standards of Ireland, it’s also a great place for getting involved with projects. For a digital marketer like me, Dublin’s Web Summit, which is Europe’s biggest digital summit, gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet some of the best start-up founders in the world. At the summit I was able to hear speeches from the who’s who in the digital world and speak with some of the biggest names of the modern tech era. This opportunity was not only eye opening, but helped to open doors to future career prospects.

Another perk of studying at UCD is its digital marketing programme. The courses are taught by some brilliant professors. There is also the Google Online Marketing Challenge, which is the best way to put students’ digital marketing minds to work. The GOMC programme provides first-hand experience of our classroom theory put into practice with the world’s no.1 company, Google.

I doubt any other country would be able to provide such a strong platform for students opting to do their master’s. Ireland not only gives you the best education with great career opportunities, but it’s one of the friendliest countries to live in. During the last five months of my stay in Dublin, I have met and interacted with students across 20 different nationalities.

From an Indian’s perspective, I would say that based on the high standards of education, the interactive courses offered, and the warm welcome of Irish people, getting my master’s at UCD was the best decision I could make.

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