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Three sisters, three Irish colleges…

February 17, 2014 | By | 6 Comments

Enaam Al Hashimi, our Dublin City University and Saudi ambassador shares why she decided to study abroad, and why her family ended up following her lead!

For me, moving to Ireland for education was a huge family decision. When I finished high school back in Saudi Arabia I spent a year working with my father, since I didn’t know what I wanted to study and I didn’t want to waste my time doing nothing. My father is an engineer, and he had faith that I could be one too, so he decided to involve me with his work and during the time I spent with hime I began to realise how much I loved the industry.

Once this was decided, I started to look at my options in Saudi, and found limited opportunities for females in any university there. It was then that I began to consider going abroad to achieve my dreams, and to follow in my dad’s footsteps. My parents were worried about me travelling abroad to study, and after asking around and looking on the internet we decided as a family that Ireland would be the best place for me to continue my education – a safe country close to Saudi Arabia, with a strong educational system, and one that offered many different courses in engineering.

670_Enaam DCU

After looking all my options, I decided to join Dublin City University for a four year undergraduate course in Manufacturing Engineering with Business Studies. I also have the option to stay for a fifth year to complete a master’s degree within the course. This is a great chance to return home with a bachelors and a master’s, and the option of a one year master programme really motivates me – one extra year is such a short amount of time to reach a higher level of education.

In my second year now and I’m really enjoying my course, and I’ve also joined Engineers Ireland – you don’t have to be Irish, just an aspiring engineer! Being part of this group has been a great experience, and has given me the chance to get involved with engineering activities that develop my skills and improve my knowledge.

670_Enaam YES

So I’m doing great, but what about my family! Well, when I first came to Ireland and was settling in, my parents joined me to help with the transition. They really enjoyed Ireland; they found the people were very nice and friendly to them, and they felt safe. So much so, that they decided to bring my other two sisters to study in Dublin – my second youngest sister was about to finish high school at the time, and my youngest sister was in the USA taking part in an exchange program. Once they both finished their academic year, they moved to join me in Dublin. One attended the Royal College of Surgeons, following some counselling from family friends who are working in the medical field — almost all of them voted for Ireland and RCSI, as it’s well known for the quality of education it provides to the students as well as preparing individuals to become future medical professionals.

670_Ebtisam RCSI

As soon as my youngest sister finished high school, she joined Dublin Institute of Technology and began her journey to becoming an architect. She’s still in her first year, but feels confident about her future as she is immersed in a strong programme, and benefits from a very high-standard and quality of teaching.

My youngest sister - the budding architect at DIT...

My youngest sister – the budding architect at DIT…

I believe that the education system within Irish institutions prepares students for the work market, and provides a high-standard of teaching across many different fields. Every day I learn something, and when I share my experiences with my sisters I can feel how well educated they become day-to-day; how their dreams get bigger, and how we are all becoming more passionate and ambitious about what we are learning.

If you want to study in English, within a safe environment, alongside friendly people and in great educational institutions – then you are looking for Ireland! If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Do you want to study in Ireland? Check out the Education in Ireland website for all the info you need.




  1. Kelly Milford

    Hi Enaam! I too am an Ambassador with Education in Ireland. Just had a quick read of your blog today. Lovely! How great that you not only get to experience studying abroad, but that you get to do it alongside your sisters. I have three myself and I won’t lie; your post made me a bit jealous! 🙂 Wishing all three of you the best of luck as you pursue your passions.

    • Enaam AlHashimi

      Dear Kelly, I’m glad you liked the blog.
      Having your sisters with you is the best support you can ever have, I really wish you will get united soon with your sisters and if they get the chance to join you in Ireland 🙂

      I wish you all the best and your sweet sisters.

  2. Nabil

    Hello Enaam ,

    I hope you are in good health and doing great. Your story made me smile and feel proud that one of my hometown girls has beaten all the way obstacles to achieve her dream and yet motivated her sisters to come along.
    I wish you all the best of luck and for your sisters as well ,,

    B.S : if there is a way that I can contact with you I would really appreciate it .

    • Enaam AlHashimi

      Dear Nabil,

      I’m very sorry for this late reply, I don’t remember I’ve got a notification of your comment, I’m sorry again.

      It’s my pleasure that you liked the blog and I hope it motivated you too to continue your studies in Ireland.

      You can contact me through my email ( or my twitter account (@ealabbassi) I will be pleased to help you and answer your queries.

      All the best
      Enaam AlHashimi

  3. Adel

    I am not sure this is the proper forum for my comment ….. As a mother of 2 small girls I love to encourage / support / help any woman succeed in whatever she chooses to do, in whatever way I can, no matter how small.
    I have a space that I am considering renting to students, I was told Muslim girls find it hard to secure appropriate accommodation.
    My premises was a garage, it has been converted to a bedroom (2 single beds) it has also been extended to include a shower room and compact kitchen.
    If you know of anyone wishing to study in Dublin (I am 1.43km from DCU) perhaps you will give them my contact details.
    Wishing you continued success with your career.

    • HI Adel , I don’t think this is the best place to post an ad for accommodation , but i’d recommend you try – the goal of the website is to help muslim students find accommodation ,

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