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Top five reasons to study business in Ireland

August 12, 2015 | By | No Comments

Ireland is the business when is comes to study abroad. Hong Ling Wong, our Malaysian and Griffith College Ambassador gives us five reasons why it’s the best place to further your commerce career…

As a business student, I am always excited in seeking out challenges or new things in the hustle and bustle business world. The same goes to my choice for further education. And I am delighted to share my top five reasons with you prospective students on why you should come to Ireland to learn more about business!1

Yes I know, it can be pretty tough sometimes leaving away from your comfort zone. But hey, as the old Chinese saying goes, 先苦后甜. One can only taste sweetness after bitterness…

To explore the outside world, one must first spread its wings and, as a business student, wouldn’t it be better if you could explore more things? Businesses can be found in every operation, everything you come across. But are they all the same? No!

Leave your home; see what the business environment it’s like in Ireland. Look at them; see how young Irish entrepreneurs are soaring here. Learn from them; see how the people are running their businesses in a multicultural environment.2

When I made my choice to study abroad, the Irish people were one of the main reasons I picked Ireland. I’ve always believed that people make a place and that a friendly nation can make living abroad a much better experience.

When it comes to classes, my lecturers in Griffith College Dublin are knowledgeable, friendly and possess a very welcoming attitude towards questions. And this is what I like about most studying in Ireland. Whether it’s discussing recent business news in class, or debating on a particular management topic, the friendly culture is embedded in every class, making the classroom a very enjoyable place to learn.3
Oh and did I mention Ireland encourages entrepreneurship and innovative thinkers? From Student Summit 2014, a conference for students all around Ireland who are entrepreneurs or are interested in entrepreneurship, to Startup Weekend in Dublin, where entrepreneurs launch successful startups.

This is a great environment encouraging students to become future entrepreneurs, particularly for business students like you and me! As students there are a lot more activities you can participate in – like Dubstarts, where you can meet and talk to innovative entrepreneurs with a real job fair.4
It’s true that we are now living in a global village. But here in Ireland, because of the huge presence of MNC with their European headquarters here (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), it’s an especially great place to be. As a business student, it definitely benefits me a lot! From having friends all around the world, to attending international events such as One Young World Dublin 2014 as the Malaysian representative and working as an Ambassador with the International Student Ambassador Programme with Education in Ireland! The international environment here in Ireland is great as it provides business students with a great platform to reach out for more networks. Networking is essential for all business students and by studying for the past three years here in Dublin, I have met great friends and made connections all around the world.5

By choosing to further my education in Dublin I know it’s quality education I am getting. As my degree BA (Hons) Business Studies is a HETAC qualified degree, I know I’m ready to step into my preferred business industry and have the confidence to work anywhere upon graduation.
With projects working with industry clients, to completing business plan for final year, all the knowledge I’m gaining here is useful and applicable to my career.

So future entrepreneurs and CEOs, are you ready to further your business knowledge? Then study in Ireland!educationinireland-banner-670
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