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WIT student life: My top three multicultural events

March 10, 2015 | By | One Comment

Studying in Ireland is an amazing opportunity to experience cultures and traditions from around the world. Koh Yu Tian, our Malaysian and Waterford IT Ambassador shares her top three multicultural events at WIT…

I have now been living and studying in Waterford for six months and so far it’s been amazing and an experience that I’m appreciating every single moment of each day! I have had lots of great times throughout my first months of studying abroad, and for my first blog, I decided to look back on some of my favourite events here at Waterford IT.

The great thing about WIT is that it provides a multinational atmosphere where you can interact with students from all around the world. There are a loads of international students studying here at WIT, so don’t worried that you might feel isolated. The International Office is frequently organising events to celebrate all nations during their traditional festivals, which can really help to cure any homesickness you might have!

Due to my gregarious personality, I wouldn’t missed these great opportunities to learn about other cultures and most importantly, to taste their traditional foods (us Malaysians are known for our obsession with food!)

Here’s a list of my top three WIT events so far:

Diwali Celebration: The Festival of Lights (22 October 2014)

wit_diwaliThis is an ancient Hindu festival, which is also known as Deepavali in Malaysia. As it’s considered as one of the best celebrations in Malaysia, and this year international students were called upon by the International Office to help organise this event together with the Indian students at WIT. Together we made this Indian traditional rice painting- “Kolam”(we used petals and leaves instead of the coloured rice as we couldn’t find any here!) Indian foods were served – yum!

Hijri New Year and Islamic New Year Party (23 October 2014)

Hijri New YearCoincidentally this was the day I received the good news that I had been chosen as student ambassador – whoo! I was asked by one of my Tunisian friends to go to this party, and it was the first time I had ever attended a Islamic celebration, although there are many Muslims living in my home country.I wore a “hijab” for the occasion (a scarf that covered my hair) and this is widely known as a “tudung” in Malaysia. We played a game to see who could put on the scarf in the fastest time. I was bad at doing this but my Tunisian friend helped me out!


xmas_witThis wasn’t the first time I had ever gone to a Christmas party but it was the first time I had sung Christmas carols! Called upon by the International Office, we formed a team of WIT International Student Choir to sing carols at Winterval– the most happening Christmas Festival in Waterford. After 2 weeks of practices, it was show time under the huge Christmas tree!

Spot my fellow Student Ambassadors at WIT in the photo above, Arindam and Ana!

I am neither an Indian, a Muslim nor a Christian, but being an international student I have many precious opportunities to experience and live beyond the differences of nationality, religious or culture. Time flies, my first semester is going to end soon and the next one will probably be the last one. However, I can foresee that there will be some wonderful adventures coming soon and I will continue to enjoy to the fullest! So stay tuned for my next blog!




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