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Coming to Ireland…

February 7, 2014 | By | One Comment

Bhaskar Mitra is our University College Dublin and Indian ambassador. In this blog, he shares how he came to study in Ireland, his delight in being awarded a scholarship and what he got up to in his first weeks here…

My birthday is 25 May, and it was on this day that I was awarded the UCD Global Excellence Graduate Scholarship. What could have been more overwhelming than this?! I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present! Some months later, I took the flight from Kolkata, my hometown, carrying my parents’ expectations with me and a drive to work hard in order to achieve my dreams. I have always admired Irish culture, and in educational terms University College Dublin (UCD) and now I feel that being part of this institution means that I have joined others in an elite league of academic excellence!

UCD Scholarship event

The award recipients at the Scholarship Reception Event at Hopkins Centre in UCD

All the staff of the UCD International Office have been an amazing support from the very beginning. I would especially like to thank Una Condron, Lorraine Woods and Carl Lusby for assisting me throughout the scholarship process. The grant awarded through the scheme has made my plans achievable, without it coming to Ireland would never have been possible. In everybody’s life there are moments that are truly unforgettable, and for me this moment was the first time I landed in Dublin. My hands were trembling, my legs were shaking and I even shed a tear – only because I knew that I had made it!

The welcome reception at O’Reilly Hall, University College Dublin

The welcome reception at O’Reilly Hall, University College Dublin

So, what does one do after reaching Dublin? Trust me it’s party time after all the hard work that I have put in! In my first weeks here, I threw an Indian party for all my flatmates, college friends and Erasmus students in UCD. Shortly after the first semester began, the UCD International Office also organised a welcome session and a scholarship reception event for all scholarship participants. This was a great opportunity to meet fellow students

An Indian party at my home in Ireland!

An Indian party at my home in Ireland!


Bhaskar Mitra, UCD ambassador and his flatmates.

My lovable flatmates!

My flatmates are the most gifted possessions that I have, and they have become my family here in Ireland. We have shared in happy and sad times, and helped each other through and that will always stay with me and be something I cherish. We might fight when nobody cleans the dishes, but we also are a support when somebody misses their family. We make fun of each other but beneath this there is one thing that is common for everybody, and that an unbreakable bond of friendship, love and happiness.

Mr Majumdar, my best friend...

Mr Majumdar, my best friend…

During my time here, I also had the chance to meet Mr Majumdar, one of the nicest souls I have ever encountered and my one of my best friends here in Dublin.

Not only have I made a wealth of new friends, but one of my dreams came true when I met Katie Taylor, a London 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist in boxing. I am a true fan of hers and I am glad that I had an opportunity of meeting her because very few people have had a chance of doing so.

Katie Tyler

Meeting Katie Taylor, Olympic medalist!


As you may have seen, so much has happened since arriving in Ireland and I am enjoying every minute of it! Stay tuned for my next blog to find out more about my life here in Ireland…

Do you want to study in Ireland? Check out the Education in Ireland website for all the info you need.





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