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Meet our former ambassadors and read their blogs

Adriana Zamudio

I choose Ireland because it is a magical, beautiful and quiet country. From the moment I arrived, I have felt welcome and comfortable, and I love living here.

ICD Business School

BA (Honours) in Business Studies

Aliaa Karam

Ireland has a great education system with many prestigious research universities. It is a safe, friendly and beautiful country and English speaking–which is a bonus.

University College Dublin


Alissa Nadine Zipp

Most people I know went to Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. or to the US to study but I wanted to do something different. My father used to live in Dublin and it was through this that I first became interested studying abroad here.

Griffith College Dublin

Bachelor (Ord.) in Business

Aung Kaung Sett Hein

Studying in Ireland means having an opportunity to be exposed to a quality world-class medical education while being able to emerge in a different culture to my own. The fact that Ireland is an English-speaking nation located in Europe and beside UK means connecting with locals would be convenient, and a weekend getaway to experience London or Paris is possible. It also won my family’s approval, since it is among the world’s 10 safest nations.

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

MB BCh BAO (Medicine) 5-Year-Programme

Ayushree Gangal

Ireland has world-class universities that excel in preparing students for a successful future in both academia and industry. While choosing the university I wanted to study at, I focussed mainly on the content of the course. UCD’s Data and Computational Science course was very well balanced and extremely competitive, and it appealed to me immensely.

University College Dublin

MSc Data and Computational Science

Colin Topliffe

Ireland’s rich culture, stunning landscapes and ease of access really appealed to me. I also was friends with other Canadian students who came to Ireland and they were extremely helpful in answering questions and sharing their experiences. The staff in Irish colleges were also helpful in providing information and making sure I was comfortable with the process of becoming an international student.

Institute of Technology Sligo

Bachelor’s of Business (Honours) Marketing

Diana Jael Villamares

I chose Ireland because I was offered a Diploma in Food Science at University College Cork–one the best schools for this course. I found Ireland to be very open to giving international students fantastic opportunities to study abroad and pursue their dreams.

University College Cork

Food Science Diploma

Emma Frost Vanggaard

After I finished highschool in Denmark, I moved to Dublin to work as au pair. I fell in love with the country and decided I wanted to come back to do my degree. I’ve always wanted to study journalism, and I see studying abroad as a great way of gathering experience in that specific field.

Dublin Business School

BA (Hons) Journalism

Farrukh Abbas

I chose Ireland because of its outstanding employment opportunities, fantastic food and warm welcoming culture.Ireland offers the opportunity to experience a different culture without having to grapple with a language barrier and it’s home to many of the world’s leading companies.

Dublin Business School

Business Information Systems

Goutham Siddhaarth Moratuplym Shanmugavadivu Kuppurajhu

Post-masters, my major concern was my ability to enter the IT industry again after leaving my previous work. Ireland attracted me as it provides excellent education at a great price. It is English-speaking and has wonderful, friendly people. The food, culture and weather are second to none and it’s the base of many of the world’s biggest companies, which gives me hope to be in my field again after studying.

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Masters in Computing in Big Data Analytics

Hue Linh Duong

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and has developed greatly in export and commercial industry with many MNCs’ Headquarters based in Dublin, Ireland’s capital city.

Cork Institute of Technology

M.A Public Relations with New Media

Ian Chiam

I chose Ireland due to the cost as well as the opportunities offered. At first, I didn’t have many friends but I’m a strong believer in challenging oneself to get out of your comfort zone and taking risks to experience memorable adventures. I also loved the idea of mixing with different races and cultures from around the world.

Limerick Institute of Technology

Electronic Engineering

Jade Caminha Carvalho Cestari

I applied all over Europe, and got some amazing results and offers, however, it was all about going to a place that not only offered an excellent academic experience but also the best overall experience. Ireland has everything–amazing and nice people, beautiful countryside and top-level education. Also, how could I say no to the country of James Joyce? Or to the city of Nora Barnacle?

National University of Ireland, Galway

MA in International Contemporary Literatures and Media

Janina Catherine Knörzer

I always knew that I wanted to study abroad until it turned into an actual need: to leave what I knew behind and explore something else. Ireland was an easy choice for me. Ireland is part of the European Union, I loved Ireland when I came here as a tourist, I felt like it was different without the “mainstream image” attached to it, I knew Ireland had great universities and I absolutely love the country. So it was a perfect mix of getting a high quality education and moving to a country that I really wanted to live in.

Trinity College Dublin

Single Honors History

Jasmine See Wei Fong

I wanted to study abroad in an English-speaking country but Ireland was not somewhere that I was familiar with at first. After lots of research and discussions with Student Ambassadors, I had a really good feeling about Ireland. Now, I’m totally in love with this land and the people here, and really happy about my decision!

Athlone Institute of Technology

Health Science and Nutrition

Jingru Yan

I chose Ireland due to a school collaboration program between the University of Limerick and Beijing Sport University in China. I love the environment of Ireland, which is so beautiful and absolutely amazing!

University of Limerick

MSC in Psychological Science

Joey Sing Yun Chui

School fees was the first thing that attracted me to Ireland as it is reasonable and affordable compared to the tuition fees in Malaysia. This is a golden opportunity and a springboard to gain an international education experience in a totally new environment and new culture.

Institute of Technology Sligo

International Marketing with Language

Kapil Patil

Ireland is a hub for IT companies and is also situated in a prime location in Europe. There are ample opportunities for students studying IT. The duration of my course and the fees–when compared to other countries like USA and Australia–all helped me make the decision to choose Ireland.

University College Cork

MSc Computing Science

Karen Markovich

Why Ireland? For the breathtaking views, unparalleled history, and countless outdoor adventures. Not to mention the hospitality of the Irish people, who genuinely make you feel at home. When mentioning to friends and family that I was thinking of continuing my education in Ireland they questioned why but also proceeded to say how amazingly beautiful the country is, and how I will never regret the decision.

Institute of Technology Sligo

Bachelor of Business Honours Add-on Marketing L8

Kim Phan Thi Thien

The eCommerce postgraduate programmes offered in Ireland suited me well in terms of program quality, tuition fees and the ability to work here after graduation. Dublin is well-known for its modernity and the headquarters of tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. Studying here is a perfect way to connect with like-minded people, and also enable me to achieve my career goals.

Dublin City University

Msc of Electronic Commerce

Lena Sperger

Ireland has had my heart since my first visit in 2013, when I worked as an au pair. Irish culture has influenced me greatly and I have never felt more at home in another country other than my home country, as I did when I lived in Ireland. And I still do!

Griffith College Dublin

MA TV and Radio Journalism

Luz Victoria Contreras

Ireland is developing at a high rate in terms of technology, showing vast career opportunities in technical and engineering areas; which highly interested me as this means that once I graduate, I know that I’m more likely to secure a job in my career. LIT appealed more to me because its study focus is more practical than theoretical; while theory is essential, it’s easier for me to understand a concept when I get real, hands-on experience. Especially when it comes to working with electronic equipment and components.

Limerick Institute of Technology

Electronic Engineering

Mairead Willis

I decided to return to Ireland for an MA program in creative writing because my experience studying abroad in Dublin was so rewarding and because my course at UCC is a perfect fit for me. During my semester abroad, I joined a creative writing club at UCD and met Irish students who encouraged me to write and even published one of my poems in their student journal. After my positive experience there, I researched graduate writing programs in Ireland. The course here at UCC is focused on Irish literature and is more practically oriented than most programs in the US.

University College Cork

MA in Creative Writing (CKE10)

Marcela Lacerda Lima

I chose Ireland because it’s a country that has been developing in recent years in the field of Human Rights. I am a public servant at the Court of Audit in Brazil and I also integrate civil society movements, such as feminists and black collectives. During my first year in Ireland, I invested in my professional future and also maintained my personal activism by actively attending marches, meetings and lectures of collectives in Dublin.

Dublin City University

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Mariana Ribeiro

This is my second experience of living abroad, I was looking for a country where I could feel at home and for me this meant friendly people, good energy, respect, happiness and a good educational system with opportunities to develop my career. So, how could I not choose beautiful Dublin? I am more than happy with my decision and I hope I can help other potential students to feel the same.

Dublin Business School

MBA in Project Management

Maya Joseph

The quality of education offered in Ireland is surpassed by none and the level of hospitality and acceptance shown towards students from all over the world was something that drew me to to the country. In addition to this, it’s exciting to have the opportunity to immerse myself in a completely different climate and culture.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) In Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences

Melody Lee

While I have always wanted to travel to Ireland, I originally didn’t intend to undertake my graduate studies here. After looking at schools all over the US and Europe, Maynooth University won me over with its beautiful campus and its unique degree program. The MSc in Immunology and Global Health examines human health from both medical and public health perspectives, something that is next to impossible to find anywhere else. The program also offers a lot of freedom in choosing a summer research project, and I have the opportunity to work with researchers anywhere in the world

Maynooth University

Immunology and Global Health

Michelle Galvin

There are two Irelands – and I love them both. The first Ireland is the Emerald Isle, the place of green fields, soft rain and gentle accents; the country that lures millions of visitors each year and sends them home with warm smiles and lifelong memories. The other Ireland is the Entrepreneurial Isle, the hotbed of technology and innovation, of homegrown startups and international corporations. It’s that magic blend – of an ancient and modern – that makes Ireland irresistible as a study abroad location. There’s no better place to graduate from because there’s no better launch-pad for success than here.

Trinity College Dublin

MSc in Entrepreneurship (one-year Masters programme)

Muhammad Amirul Hakim Amir

Ireland offers one of the best education systems in the world and IT Carlow is certified by the Malaysian Qualification Agency. It is easy to further your studies here as for me, no visa is required prior to arrival, and the fees required for the student visa won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Lastly, Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world, so no need to worry!

Institute of Technology Carlow

Bachelor in Aircraft Systems

Nina Bianca Sayson

Not only is Ireland an absolutely stunning country, the Irish are some of the most delightful people you’ll ever meet. Ireland is home to some of the top universities in the world, and it also helps that they’re passionate about education. What about the bad weather? Having lived in a tropical country and worked in the desert for years, the rain and cold are much more exciting to me than dealing with sweat and humidity! Overall, Ireland checks all of my boxes: top-notch education in an English-speaking country, lovely people, beautiful scenery, interesting culture, plus you can never go wrong with the craic!

National College of Ireland

MSc in Marketing

Pallavi Soni

Galway attracted me with its connection to nature, energy, and history. Although Ireland is a small country, I was drawn to the culture’s value of simplicity and I knew that it would have a significant impact on my life. Ireland was my first choice as it offered me to work with highly skilled and educated people while also making me familiar with some of the most cutting edge companies and talent.

National University of Ireland Galway

Masters in Information System Management

Paritosh Gupta

Ireland offers a one year Master’s programme–useful for me considering I have five plus years of work experience already. Ireland is an emerging IT hub for the EMEA region and it provides a two year stay back visa option after course completion, which would allow me to work here without any burden of visa-sponsorship.

Dublin City University

M.Sc in Data Analytics

Priyanka Athavale

I found a lot of variety in Master’s courses in Ireland, which meant I had the luxury of choosing something I loved. The second reason was my husband. He came to Ireland to study in January, and I wanted to be with him. Ireland was always among the top choices for both of us because we love exploring nature; and Ireland is beautiful. In a nutshell, Ireland enriches and fulfils my mind and soul. For me, that’s the best reason to move to any place.

National College of Ireland Galway

MA Human Resources Management

Puteri Syamin Shariffudin

I chose Ireland because I travelled here when I was 17, right after I finished my high school, in order to help me decide where to go next for my degree. Ireland captured my heart straight away and it’s a place where I feel safe, free and and at home. The people are so nice to me and always encourage me to get better.

Dublin Business School

Ba (Hons) in Business

Quan Vo Minh

Ireland is one of a few countries where I can always be surrounded by nature. The cities here have many large areas of public parks and there is hardly any skyscrapers. I can benefit from Ireland being an international hub for studying and working. Here, I can always learn from my friends who came from many different countries, from my interaction with multinational companies, yet still feel relaxed and peaceful every day.

Trinity College Dublin

MSc in Management

Rebekah Eddy

I have lived in Ireland previously, loved the country, and wanted my further education to be in a world-renowned university. I also felt my Spanish was not at a high enough level to learn at the master’s level.

University College Dublin

International Law and Business

Renno Riyadi

One of the main reasons I chose Ireland as my study abroad destination is due to the language. Living in Ireland helps me practice and improve my English speaking skills which will help me in the long run.

Dundalk Institute of Technology

Communications in Creative Media

Ruby Doan

Ireland gives me a strangely welcoming feeling as if I have been here before! The idea of a small island in the very west of Europe, whose name wasn’t too familiar to Vietnam despite having these mesmerising landscapes and such a unique culture, attracted my attention. This might sound unrealistic (or crazy even) but I felt like I was destined for Ireland. And guess what? I’ve been proven right!

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT)

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing and Sales

RuiRong Yang

Irish people live their lives at a slower pace and this allows me to appreciate the good things in my life. This beautiful country is full of meaningful culture and nice people, I’m excited to share my Chinese culture and I’m really looking forward to communicating with local people and teaching them Chinese!

TU Dublin Tallaght Campus

Bachelor of Engineering

Ruth Ikenyirimba

Ireland is a leading country in the world for scientific research and innovation. This was a major contributing factor in my choice. Irish universities are held at a high standard globally and are majorly involved and updated with research from the scientific and business world. This fact was very important in deciding where to study as degrees attained from majority of Irish universities are globally recognised. Another reason that influenced my choice is that Ireland is relatively one of the safest, culturally-enriched countries to study and reside in, in both Europe and the world.

TU Dublin City Campus

Biomedical Science

Sara Sotirakos

In life, I have come to realise you are sure of very few things – and if you wait to be sure of every decision, you’ll never make one. A few things I was most definitely sure of is that I want to become a doctor, I needed a drastic change in my life, and I needed to live somewhere closer to places I can go adventure seeking. As a result, I applied to medical school in a country I have never been to and that appears full of places to explore – I chose Ireland.

Trinity College Dublin


Sayonara Pessoa Bittencourt

Ireland was my very first choice to study abroad in 2015 as part of a Brazilian scholarship program where I studied at the TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus. I’ve spent two years here and came back to Brazil already wanting to return to the Emerald Isle. The language, the friendliness, the openness of the college international office and the opportunity Ireland gave to me to become a better Designer made me choose it again! And now I’m back with an Irish scholarship welcomed by an Irish family. Ireland felt like home to me from the start, and that’s why I came back.

TU Dublin Blanchardstown Campus (formerly ITB)

BA Honours Creative Digital Media

See Ming Chuah

Ireland is an English-speaking country and it costs almost the same to study in Ireland as in Malaysia. So, why not study in Ireland and experience and explore more?

Athlone Institute of Technology

Higher Diploma in Computing

Shihad Algethami

Academically Ireland has a great education system and internship opportunities with world leading companies and a great reputation for friendly people– true from my experience as a Saudi Arabian student.

Institute of Technology Carlow

Higher Certificate in Accounting

Spencer Sudds

The course structure at LIT was highly intriguing and I knew that this was a unique opportunity to fulfil my desire to visit Ireland and further my education. The Irish education system has global recognition across numerous fields of study and I wished to be a part of it. Having the opportunity to immerse myself in the Irish culture, learn new ways and techniques of dealing with people and discovering what they believe in, will help me to become a great business professional.

Limerick Institute of Technology

Masters of Marketing and Management Strategy

Syed Yaseen Shabir Ahamed

Ireland, filled with raw beauty wherever you turn and amazing people who are so friendly that you could know what their fourth grandson’s pet dog’s name is in a matter of few minutes! The weather in Ireland makes me feel as if I am living in a hill station all year long and the cultural diversity curbs any forms of racism. To top all that, Ireland is the hub of many trillion-dollar corporations, which could offer me an awesome job.

National University of Ireland Galway

Msc. Digital Marketing

Tan Long Nguyen

I chose Ireland as a destination to pursue my Master degree due to the Irish Aid IDEAS Scholarship and Irish Government scholarship rewarded to Vietnamese candidates annually, supporting one-year full-time post-graduate education at Irish Higher Education Institutions. Ireland is Europe’s most entrepreneurial country; studying a master’s course in business here allows me to have a better understanding of entrepreneurship.

Athlone Institute of Technology

Master of Business

Tanusha Suvashini Hatish Kumar

Ireland is known for great hospitality and the fees here have helped students like me to be able to study abroad. Under the Global Peace Index, Ireland is in the top 10 safest countries and has great landscapes, gorgeous lakes and oceans and not forgetting its history– it is just mind blowing!

Cork Institute of Technology

Bachelor Business in Hospitality Management

Tianqi Wang

There are a wide range of choices of colleges and courses to study in Ireland, all of which are of very high academic standards and prepare students for future working environment. Studying in Ireland offered me a great opportunity to improve my English while gaining a strong technical skillset in accounting.

Institute of Technology Carlow

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Accounting

Valeri Logue

The Shannon College of Hotel Management is internationally renowned for its global connections and employment opportunities. I choose to study here for the incredible hands-on learning technique it provides to its students. When I was looking to further my education abroad there wasn’t any other suitable options that could compare to the level of real world experience and outstanding reputation offered at Shannon.

Shannon College of Hotel Management

Bachelor of Business Studies in International Hotel Management

Vanessa Maricruz Pulgarin Auquilla

I have always wanted to do a Master’s in an English speaking country. I love languages and cultures and Ireland is characterised by its culture, enthusiasm, human warmth and educational standards with international students.

University College Cork

MSc on International Public Policies and Diplomacy

Vanya Tiwari

Ireland is an English-speaking country providing excellent education with outstanding employment opportunities, and is a hub for the world’s leading IT companies. What more could I ask for?

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Masters in Big Data Analytics

Xian Wei Desmond Ooi

A key reason that I chose Ireland was the fact that the course I wanted was not available in my home country, and Dundalk Institute of Technology offered exactly what I was looking for in terms of study. I have always wanted to study in a native English speaking country with affordable living costs, and Ireland fit right into the profile.

Dundalk Institute of Technology

BA (Hons) Film and Television Production

Xin Zhou

Ireland has an excellent education infrastructure, with most of its universities equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and academic resources. In UCD, I could enjoy the convenience brought by advanced technical infrastructure, and get deeper insights from expertise and professors in different fields. Moreover, I have chances to interact with multinational students, experience various culture.

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

MSc Quantitative Finance

Zumredah Ali Al-AliBasha

To be very honest, I had many other options, and luckily the first response I got was from Ireland. I was not aware of what Ireland looked like, or aware of its culture. However, I was generally very interested in travelling and leaving my comfort zone to experience more in life from an educational and cultural perspective. I liked the idea of studying in Ireland because I wanted to meet new people, a new culture, and to enjoy a new life where I can develop myself, my knowledge and to become an excellent example for others.

National University of Maynooth

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Elanor McDevitt

Ireland has always been on the list of places I’ve wanted to visit, and reading about Limerick made me think that it was a place that I could really flourish. Another big factor was the kindness displayed by the international office while I was still only considering Mary I. They answered all my questions and made me feel like I would be landing in a foreign country and already have people that I knew.

Mary Immaculate College

Bachelor of Arts in History and Media

Dan Chau Thuy Nguyen

Ireland has become my fantastic life-changing destination! It offers so much, from extraordinary scenery and nature, to the warmest and friendliest welcome from its people. And most importantly, Ireland offers me the finest education institutions with outstanding academic facilities and qualifications recognised globally, which provides me a solid foundation for my future career.

Waterford Institute of Technology

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Science

Clement Shi Jie Sim

Cork Institute of Technology

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Natalia Canas-Estrada

I was offered a PhD position in photonic systems at the Tyndall National Institute in University College Cork, the largest research centre in Ireland. Tyndall is based in Cork, the perfect city for international students: cosy and welcoming.

University College Cork

PhD in Photonics: Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Natasha Madhavan

My course at Maynooth University fit my interests perfectly as it has economics and finance modules along with a year of internship. The friendly people, beautiful landscapes and the opportunities were so tempting to me and so I chose this great place to spend the next four years… and I’m glad I did!

Maynooth University

BA International Finance and Economics

Nathalia Pompeu

I chose Ireland as Irish universities are recognised across the world in terms of business, social sciences and the humanities and finally, because the Irish people are friendly.

Waterford Institute of Technology

Study Abroad International Business

Nathaniel Musters

The people have been amazingly welcoming, Dublin is a beautiful city to live in, and I am excited to explore more of Ireland and its surrounds!

Dublin Business School

MSc International Accounting & Finance

Nga Sin Tse

Having worked in an Irish International Education Centre in the past, I have experience promoting Irish education and culture in Hong Kong. I know that Ireland is a safe, friendly country providing high quality education.

Institute of Technology Tralee

Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Design

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Niranjan Shankar

My university offers me to choose my own modules so that I can customise my learning, enhancing my college experience. Being a competitive cricketer, Ireland is also the best choice for me to continue and even develop sports wise.

University College Dublin

MSc Computer Science

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Nusrat Gaffoor Bholah

I chose Ireland due to the excellent standard of education Trinity College Dublin offers. Dublin is my second home now and I am really happy to be in a country where the people are welcoming and willing to help you whenever you’re in difficulty.

Trinity College Dublin


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Octavio Vázquez Mendoza

When an opportunity to win a full scholarship for a post graduate program arose, my curiosity focused on what Ireland could offer my professional profile and, as I began to learn more about Cork, UCC and Ireland… I knew that all I wanted was that scholarship.

University College Cork

MSc Data Science and Analytics

Olga Oliynyk

Ireland at the first blush is an unpredictable, picturesque country. Dublin exceptionally is bustling and up to date in it`s heart and so absolutely different in its suburbs: harmonious, charming.

Dublin City University

MA International Relations

Parul Verma

Being a literature student, how could I not pursue my higher education in Ireland, a country that produced a pious, majestic writer like William Butler Yeats? Ireland’s education system has been ranked ninth in a global league table and I was drawn to it due to its rich production of literature.

NUI Galway

MA Culture and Colonialism

Phan Anh Nguyen

Ireland seems to be so loveable, the country is full of nice people, the environment is green, the education system is modern and globally recognised.

Athlone Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Business in Digital Marketing

Rebecca Jagoo

Trinidad and Tobago recognises Irish trained doctors to be the best in the field. I wanted to allow myself that kind of entitlement after studying for 5 long years!

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery & Obstetrics

Reshma Sabnani

I wanted to study medicine in an environment that still values social experiences and interpersonal connection, and I knew Ireland would be the place to go!

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Bachelor in Medicine, Surgery & Obstetrics

Ridhdhi Rathore

IT Carlow’s excellent research facilities, the extra-ordinary campus amenities and very generous and helpful staff members really drew me to studying in Ireland.

Institute of Technology Carlow

PhD in Metagenomics: Biological & Environmental Sciences

Risako Hayakawa

DCU is the only university in the world which offered my desired and specific course – gender & sexuality studies connected with cultural view. Here you can finish your master’s degree in one year and, for Japanese, the registration of VISA is so simple compared to other countries.

Dublin City University

MA in Sexuality Studies

Ronald Saraswat

I wanted a research based college focused on developing new advancements in sciences combined with a student-friendly and self-improving environment, and through meetings with the delegates from NUIG, and assessing the prospects of studying there as compared to other universities in Ireland, I became sure abut NUI Galway as a place to further my higher education.

NUI Galway

MSc in Neuropharmacology

Sarah Deacon

I completed a diploma back in Canada, and was looking to further my studies. My home college is partnered with IT Tallaght and offers graduates an opportunity to do one final year here in Ireland, turning my diploma into a degree.

Institute of Technology Tallaght

BA (Hons) Advertising & Marketing Communications

Sarthak Sharma

I strongly believe knowledge and education should not have any borders or boundaries, and with the reputation of IT and Computer Science in Ireland, I made my decision to pursue my further studies in this country.

National College of Ireland

Master in Cloud Computing

Shubham Atal

Ireland ticks all the boxes by offering prestigious universities with reputations as apex learning centres; a safe and friendly environment; affordability; liberty and culture. This all adds up to a great international learning experience. The cosmopolitan international student community across Irish universities adds to the charm.

NUI Galway

MSc in Clinical Research

Shun Yan Leung

Ireland gives me a unique chance – to be away from my hometown, experiencing a new culture and lifestyle, meeting new friends who come from different countries in the world and of course studying a subject I love!

Institute of Technology Tralee

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Sinead Flynn

My college experience at Trinity not only includes an array of insight and comprehension in law, but an opportunity for new connections and experiences in this field. The international recognition of Trinity College Dublin is superior and prestigious. With this university, I know I will receive a higher level of education with a unique international perspective.

Trinity College Dublin


Sumeera Kamil

Ireland’s natural beauty and rich Celtic history and culture, makes it a dream destination for someone like me who has had immense interest in studying history.

Mary Immaculate College

Bachelors in Political Science & International Law

Swet Mei Tiang

Ireland’s education system allows me to learn in a different way, offering world-class education and access to advanced equipment and facilities.

Institute of Technology Sligo

Bachelor of Business in International Marketing & Sales with Spanish

Tze Chang Lim

Ireland has lower third level tuition fees compared to other countries and is also an English speaking country. It offers me the chance to meet new people and its location allows me to fulfil my goals of traveling the world and experiencing different cultures.

Athlone Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Business Studies

Waseem Ahmed

Ireland grabbed my attention due to its vibrant and accepting culture and lifestyle, along with a wide variety of globally recognised and well-reputed universities, offering a variety of study programs. My course at DCU is career focused with an emphasis on personal, academic and professional life skills development and applied learning.

Dublin City University

MSc in Management (Strategy)

Winnie Wong Yee Ching

Ireland is an English speaking country and the academic certificate of Ireland is recognised worldwide meaning the quality of the education in Ireland is assured.

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

BA (Hons) in Law

Xining Wang

I chose Ireland as I am interested in western culture, and I was familiar with Irish music and dancing, as well as Ireland’s landscape and friendly people.

Institute of Technology Carlow

MA Child, Youth & Family Studies

Xuejiao Ge

Here I’m part of a collaborative project between National College of Ireland and Hebei University, China. I believe this project combines the advantages of two universities together and gives me an international horizon.

National College of Ireland

BA(HA) Human Resource Management

Yaarshvinie Jayabalan

As one of the countries offering affordable tuition fees, I was also attracted to the fact that Ireland gave students a year long working period after completion of their studies. I have never regretted making the decision of coming here!

Athlone Institute of Technology

BA Accounting

Yujun Yao

Ireland provides an energetic and safe environment for living, working and studying and the high quality education here is really attractive.

Shannon College of Hotel Management

Bachelor in Business

Choo Ming Jin

Ireland is a country that grants me the opportunity to enhance my English language proficiency and my capability to communicate with other international students from all around the world — giving me the chance to experience an international workplace and start building an international professional network.

Athlone Institute of Technology


Zheng Hao Lee

One of the biggest reasons I chose Ireland was due to the course I wished to study, as it is a rather unusual one! Once I discovered that DIT offered Culinary Entrepreneurship, I was hooked!

Dublin Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Culinary Entrepreneurship

Kean Yeap Yong

One of the reasons that I chose Ireland was because of Brexit, I believe companies based in the UK may set up their new EU base in Ireland due to the strategic location. The population of Ireland is 4.8 million, 34% are under age of 25 and 10% are international residents – I feel this mixture of people ensure that Ireland has a considerable future.

Athlone Institute of Technology


Dora Nguyen

I was lucky enough to study at University College Cork (UCC) back in 2013 for an intensive English course. I enjoyed the friendly and supportive atmosphere that lecturers created in the classrooms and their dedication toward student improvement and success. That is why Ireland stood out as my first choice when choosing where to pursue my Master’s degree. What better place to learn about Public Relations with New Media than the country with such a rich culture of creativity and technological advances?

Cork Institute of Technology

Public Relations with New Media

Anshika Sharma

Ireland, with its rich historical background, has a certain pull to it. The country is a mix of the past and the present. Religion has always intrigued me, and as Theology is unavailable in India and I knew I had to leave the country to follow my passion. The course structure that Irish universities offer for my field, is vast and hence covers everything. With academics being my main focus, I decided to move to Ireland.

Dublin City University

MA in Theology

Adetunji Paul

I chose Ireland because it was the country in Europe that afforded me the most flexibility for my academics and the most opportunities after college for me to continue my career. Ireland is a growing economy and I am making a bet on Ireland for the next five years that it’s no coincidence many global companies have their EU HQs here. I am hoping to make the best of my opportunities.

Dublin Business School

MBA in Marketing

Diana Catherine Lopez Osorio

I’m fortunate to be able to afford international studies thanks to my family’s support. I decided to look for a place where technology, security and a lively spirited-environment are remarkable aspects in the community – Ireland!

Dublin Business School

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Premchander Mohan

As one of the only English-speaking countries in the EU, Ireland offers the opportunity to experience a different culture without having to grapple with a language barrier. Ireland also recently finished top in the Good Country Index, which measures a country’s overall contribution to the world, from arts and culture, to science and education.

Dublin Business School

MBA Information System

Aidyl Mhay Sanchez

What better place to learn English than in a country that not only provides quality education but is also home to Irish people, known for their welcoming personalities and open-minded attitudes towards other cultures.

Dublin Business School

BA (HONS) in Psychology

Alexis Kilroy

I am a Business Administration Marketing student, so gaining international experience is a priority. I love culture and exploring the outdoors (I am an avid hiker!) Ireland fits the bill, showcasing the best of both worlds – truly embodying a great balance of work and play.

Institute of Technology Carlow

BBS (Hons) Marketing

Kimi Sakoda

Irish universities were not on my radar until I went to a university fair. I met an ambassador from Dublin City University (DCU) who advised me on which programme would be the best for me. This was the most significant deciding factor in choosing DCU. After consulting with my parents and doing research on what kind of place Ireland and Dublin is, I made the final decision to choose Ireland.

Dublin City University

BA Humanities

Mohammed Al Ali Basha

There are over 40,000 international students in Ireland which means the educational system is designed for everyone and it integrates a variety of teaching methods. Ireland is a very safe country, and that is an important factor that affects any students’ life.

Dublin City University

Msc in Business Management

Suk Jing Lim

I have always enjoyed exploring new places and learning about different cultures. I went on to study A-levels in another state after graduating from high school to widen my options. That was when I met my guidance counsellor, Mr Benjamin. I got to know about Ireland through him and MyStudy. The best thing about Ireland is that it has plenty of captivating castles and natural wonders, and third-level education is provided at a much lower cost compared to other countries.

Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

BSc (Hons) in Computing

Yicheng Fan

I find it really positive that the Irish government encourages and supports the arrival of international students. Ireland is a viable country with a strong economy and a rich culture, I can see a very bright future for me in Ireland.

Institute of Technology Tallaght

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering

Maria de los Angeles Martinez Moreno

I choose Ireland as it offered me the opportunity to achieve a great level of education. It is a place where students are a valued future workforce, where you can grow and shape your professional profile through work experience. The variety of cultures you can find in Ireland makes this country a special place to build up unforgettable memories as a foreign student. The friendly and warm welcome from the Irish will make you love and call this country your second home.

ICD Business School

Business Studies

Ruiqi Xie

Ireland is so green and there are many examples of ancient architecture which tell the history of the country vividly. I love photography, and these two points make Ireland a dream for me! Irish people live their lives at a slower pace, encouraging you to appreciate the good things in life.

Institute of Technology Tallaght

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering

Muhammad Abubakar Khan

I am a Pakistani with the Urdu language as my mother tongue, I have always wanted to study abroad in an English-speaking country. I love to explore more places and meet new people, which really helps me feel alive. I always wanted a western surrounding, for that Ireland was one of the perfect places. Ireland has its own culture and traditions, that makes it even more interesting to research.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Business Administration

Elena Pagter

When looking for possible countries to complete my Master’s thesis, I found myself drawn to this beautiful island. Ireland has extraordinarily gorgeous landscapes and music that I simply needed to visit. And, of course, I would finish my studies along the way. I loved the local and research community here so much that staying here was my only option! My love of the ocean has kept me close to the coasts of the world and what better place to live than by the Wild Atlantic Way? Nothing tops having a bit of ‘craic’ with my mates on the salty shores.

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

PhD in Aquatic Sciences

Nawras Al Kindi

Ireland is so multinational, there is no place better than Ireland to study International Relations. Ireland is a beautiful country, for me it is quiet and just the perfect place with a great atmosphere, for fun and study! It is the beauty, landscapes, rich culture, history and vibrant city that also contributed to my choice.

Dublin City University

International Relations

Farah Abushanab

I wanted to earn a degree in a world recognised and certified university but my goal goes beyond just earning a degree, studying here gives my the chance to grow as an independent individual. Ireland is well-known for its warmhearted people and diversity of students, here I’ve learned about different cultures.Studying abroad is also a great opportunity for me to represent my country and the rest of the Arab world.

Dublin City University

Business Studies

Viktoria Fisher

It all boils down to history. My own history, Ireland’s history, and how they intersect. My family has lived in Canada long enough to be considered Canadian, but we were once Irish. I cannot help but feel curious about my familial roots. Beyond that, I find myself fascinated with Irish history. It is very different from what I’m used to, and fills every stone in this country.

IT Sligo

Medical Biotechnology

Santosh Deeti

Ireland ticks all the boxes! It offers the opportunity to surmount the language barrier, experience a different culture and a reputed educational system recognised for excellence in many disciplines. Research and practical work on offer here is a good way of getting hands-on experience for aspiring graduates and an emerging IT Industry in the backdrop of a strong and stable economy, provides me with a sense of direction in my career.

Institute of Technology Carlow

M.Sc Information Technology Management

Ryan Teeter

Ireland is home to many innovative technology companies, including Google and Facebook. In addition to this, Ireland has a very strong relationship with the Ontario Colleges of Canada and so that was my opportunity, both financially and personally, to pursue a degree with international leverage. It has always been a dream of mine to gain international experience, and with the help of the friendly and resourceful recruiters I met from IT Carlow, I realised that Ireland was my best option.

Institute of Technology Carlow

BBS (Hons) Marketing

Thiau Wan Chee

It has always been my dream to study abroad in Europe, but out of all the countries, Ireland was my first choice. I love Ireland. The elegance of Georgian’s architecture, Irish unique accent, the land of Saints and Scholars! Ireland offers affordable tuition fees for international students compared to other countries and the Irish culture is great! Who could resist enjoying the “craic” in Ireland!

IT Sligo


Maria Agusta Pramesti Tamtomo

Ireland showcases great architecture and structure, that’s why I choose Ireland to study architecture! I love the people here, they are very welcoming and the culture is rich and varied. There is beautiful countryside, history and it’s a peaceful and very calm country.

IT Sligo

BA (Hons) Architectural Design

Sara LaBlance

The friendly and welcoming nature of the locals has made it so easy to adjust to life in Ireland. Each new friend I’ve met has been happy to show me around and teach me about the rich Irish culture, and history. Combine that with the quality education offered, and close proximity to European countries for travel, coming here was an easy decision!

IT Sligo

BBS (Honours) Marketing

Weng Kit Chan

Where I come from, Ireland has always been synonymous with
medicine. While contemplating where to pursue medicine, The Emerald Isle was right there at the top – for its warm Irish hospitality of céad míle fáilte, its rich Gaelic history, its stunning backdrops that are a nature lover’s paradise, and its uncompromising attitude towards education – exemplified none more so than by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland


Tariq Shakeel

What could be more perfect than getting your Master’s in the country of your dreams – Ireland. Ireland is known for its friendly culture, rich heritage and a place where you are being given a plethora of opportunities to realise your strengths and skills. Universities in Ireland have a high reputation in terms of the quality of education, faculty, and students. So here I am, finally living my dream.

National University of Ireland Galway

Accounting & Analytics

Anish Umarjikar

I attended an Education in Ireland fair in Mumbai out of curiosity and was impressed by the number of compelling courses offered. It was after meeting the university representatives and reading the Education In Ireland blogs that I decided to apply to a university in Ireland. Quality education, cultural diversity, and a global presence helped me finalise Ireland and NUI Galway as my study abroad choice. I couldn’t be happier in my educational life!

National University of Ireland Galway

MSc International Management

Haley Myatt

Through pictures and videos online, among the jaw-dropping beauty of the country, Ireland always seemed like a home I’d never been to, and for years, I had dreamed of jumping on a plane and discovering the country. I quickly learned — through more serious, thorough research — that Ireland is more than just beauty. Ireland is culture, innovation and community. Galway is generosity, diversity and growth. NUI Galway is leadership, ambition and impact. It was impossible for me to say no to an opportunity to pursue what once was just a wild dream. In retrospect, I didn’t choose Ireland… Ireland chose me.

National University of Ireland Galway

LLM International Human Rights

Zhixiang Zang

I wanted to experience my course from a fresh perspective and within an advanced educational system — and in my opinion, Ireland without a doubt possesses one of the best educational systems in the world. The country also has a unique welcoming spirit, which may explain the presence of so many people from other countries here! It’s an ideal place to study abroad.

National College of Ireland

BA Human Resource Management

Xuefei Liao

A big draw for me was the opportunity to work in Ireland after my studies, for at least one year. This will give me the chance to practically apply the knowledge and skills I’ve learned at Maynooth University. I love the peaceful nature of Ireland; the people here are famous for their friendliness and I can also practice my English every day!

Maynooth University

MA Accounting

Myrna Velazquez 

I first learned about Ireland in history class – I found its architecture and history so interesting. So when I had the opportunity to move to Limerick and study for my BA, I did not have to think twice! I fell in love with Mary Immaculate College (Mary I) and the city just from the picture I saw online and when I arrived I wasn’t disappointed. Mary I is an amazing college that helped me set up my life in Ireland, as well as offering me a great amount of help in deciding what my degree would be, and for that, I am very grateful.

Mary Immaculate College

Bachelor of Arts

Kalina Anderson

At home, I had fallen into a routine and wasn’t ready to leave it. But when my mom and I visited the college, I was, for the first time, excited to leave everything I’d ever known. I’ve never had a hard time making “radical” decisions, but this was most certainly the wildest one. The opportunity that was available to me really sealed the deal for me, and I knew being in a completely new and unfamiliar environment would force me to get involved and become more of the person I want to be.

Mary Immaculate College

Bachelor of Arts

Chioma Okoye

I was first introduced to Ireland in 2014 when I helped plan a Ministerial trade delegation of forty Irish companies to Nigeria. Since then, I’ve gone on to work with Irish companies in Nigeria and developed an interest in the Republic and in the Irish culture. I was fascinated by the possibility of studying here and exploring the scenic countryside. The offer of a scholarship covering tuition and living expenses was a major influence on my decision to study at Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT).

Limerick Institute of Technology

MBus Marketing & Management Strategy

Jo-Ezer Lau

I wanted to see the world, to experience living away from home at a distance that would help me grow and mature. My passion lies in food science, and the food industry here is very promising, it has vast opportunities for growth and a wide range of platforms that support innovation. Why Ireland? A leap of faith. No regrets.

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Food Science & Nutrition

Xiao Zexiao

Ireland offers a high-quality teaching system and a thriving economy. There are many famous universities here such as Trinity, University College Dublin and Dublin City University and all Irish institutions offer employment opportunities for graduates. Ireland also has a great geographical location meaning it is very convenient to travel to other countries in Europe.

Letterkenny Institute of Technology


Victoria Rinsma

The college I attended in Canada is affiliated with Institute of Technology Tralee (IT Tralee), so I was able to take my two-year culinary management credits and transfer them to be able to start in Third year in Ireland. I addition, I am able to receive a higher level of education for my specific field in Ireland than in Canada, which will set me apart from my colleagues for potential employers.

IT Tralee

BA in Culinary Arts Student

Chloe Houston

When I was offered the Bachelor of Business in Travel and Tourism at Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), I felt I could not pass up this amazing opportunity. Not only could I spend a year living and studying in Ireland, it also included a placement opportunity which meant I could spend time working in another country!

Limerick Institute of Technology

BA in Business Travel and Tourism

Shinu John

I have travelled a lot and found the Irish people to be the friendliest and most welcoming. Ireland is the new hub for technology and data and I wished to be part of this progress. Ireland is also the home to some of the world’s most beautiful locations. I am a photographer as an alternate profession and I look forward to capturing these. I believe what I do now could be tomorrow’s history.

University of Limerick

Masters Information & Network Security

Nishita Dimri

I applied to a lot of different universities in various other countries but Ireland just spoke to me on a different level. Something about Ireland intrigued me. The course structure of the University of Limerick was interesting and something that I found was very relevant to the industry. Apart from that Ireland has a scope in tourism and has unleashed its potential in the same very nicely. That just made my decision easier.

University of Limerick

MA International Tourism

Ammar Saleh Alammar

I picked Ireland as the Irish education system is one of the best in Europe and Ireland is famous as an international hub for high-quality scientific research. Irish people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality which greatly contributes to the ease with which overseas students adapt to student life in Ireland.

University College Dublin

MSc Food Nutrition and Health

Sumire Komori

I chose University College Dublin (UCD) because of my desire for new experiences. It was by chance that I looked at Ireland as a study abroad destination — a country I had never been to, nor knew anything of its history or society. I was ultimately drawn because of my lack of connections there, and the thrill of the challenge to discover a new and unfamiliar environment while armed only with my ability to communicate in English.

University College Dublin

BA Arts (Hons)

Sydney Turner

When the option was presented, I took a risk and moved with two suitcases to truly discover what the world had in store for me. Coming from California, and having over 600 graduates in my senior class, I was the only one who went abroad for their full degree. I saw it as an opportunity for storytelling, a gift I could share with others. I had the desire to truly create a life I knew I could look back on and set myself apart from everyone with. I believe life is short – so move to Ireland while you get the chance!

University College Dublin

Social Science: Politics & Economics

Yensi Flores

University College Cork (UCC) is the only Irish University that was part of the EU ERASMUS MUNDUS AMIDILA scholarship. I was awarded this scholarship for pursuing an MSc degree in Molecular Biology. From the Universities part of the AMIDILA consortia, UCC had the strongest and more unique MSc programme, incorporating innovation. This programme, aligned with my ideal of entrepreneurship in the life sciences.

University College Cork

PhD in Cancer Research

Powell Mittra

Ireland is one of the only English-speaking countries in the European Union and a gateway for international students, like me, to enter the European market. It is also one of the safest places in the world and the Irish are the most friendly people that I have ever met! Ireland was top of my list for these reasons but the two-year graduate visa allowing international students to stay in Ireland after graduation was the deal maker for me.

Trinity College Dublin

Master of Business Administration

Lidong Liu

Ireland has very high educational standards and boasts five of the world’s top universities. The learning environment here and on campus is unique — students and teachers help each and in my case, the staff at the Shannon College of Hotel Management have become like family to me.

Shannon College of Hotel Management

Hotel Management

Oluwabunmi Adesanya 

Studying in Dublin, especially Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) was very appealing to me because of the strong multicultural presence. Being Nigerian and Canadian I wanted a place where I’d be able to express both sides of myself and the opportunity to be exposed to other cultures was ideal.

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


Neha Kumari

I had an option of getting into a good college anywhere around the world but I went for Ireland because I have heard a lot of praise from people regarding Irish citizens, their hospitality, the mild climate of Ireland and most importantly the exceptional quality of education they provide. The education provided in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) is second to none and I am truly happy that I made the right choice.

Waterford Institute of Technology

Masters in Computing (ISP)

Pilar Luz Rodrigues

I first came to Ireland two years ago to pursue an MA in Social Studies at Waterford Institute of Technology, under the Government of Ireland Scholarship. What caught my attention about Ireland, and especially Waterford, was the richness and value attributed to culture and heritage. As culture was my focus of study, I instantly realised this was the right place for me!  My experience in Ireland, as well as studying at WIT, with world-class research opportunities have been so enriching academically and personally, that I have chosen Waterford once again as a study destination, to continue my research journey in a PhD.

Waterford Institute of Technology

PhD in Social Science

En Ning Sim

Ireland, to me, has always been associated with the adjective “friendly”, and that was why I chose to travel 7266 miles away from home to pursue my law degree here. Offering quality education with affordable fees, Ireland is deemed to be economical-friendly for us international students. But more importantly, the warmth and friendliness of the people here is the ultimate reason I chose Ireland as my study abroad destination. I’ve only been here for a short time but Ireland already genuinely feels like a second home to me.

Waterford Institute of Technology


Shi Min Low

My parents are one of the top reasons I came to study in Ireland. They always encourage and motivate me and have instilled the importance of education. Studying in Ireland will help me gain independence while making new friends with local people and experiencing a beautiful place.

Athlone Institute of Technology

Higher Certificate in Business

Moria Crowley

I chose Ireland because I was excited for the unique opportunity to study criminology from a European perspective. An opportunity to get a feeling for the law as an experience, rather than just an academic course in one university. The chance to study such different content not only in-depth but in-country is invaluable. Having completed various courses and training, my interest in criminology had only increased; I wanted to take that further, expand upon my knowledge base, and specialise in a legal system that will have an impact in the modern world, with global implications in the coming years.

Maynooth University

MA Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice

Angela Weisgal

I chose Ireland to do my postgrad course in UL is excellent as well as career oriented, and I love the culture here. Irish people are friendly and very helpful.

University of Limerick

MA Journalism

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Asmita Desai

Ireland gives so much more than just education; it offers friendships and other life experiences. It’s a bundle of wonderful lasting memories which everyone should experience at least once in lifetime.

University College Dublin

MSc Digital Innovation

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Caroline Holland

I set my sights on Dublin, a city that encapsulates a modern, metropolitan Ireland. Here, I found the perfect balance between homeliness and world class opportunities.

Trinity College Dublin


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Celina Jaffe

I chose to study in Ireland because I wanted to continue my growth as a dance artist in an international context. I was very fortunate to be accepted into Ireland’s only MA programme for Contemporary Dance Performance at the University of Limerick.

University of Limerick

MA Contemporary Dance Performance

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Chen Yang

Ireland and IT Tallaght offers great educational resources and provides me with endless opportunities to explore new advanced technology.

Institute of Technology Tallaght

BA Mechanical Engineering

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Ciara Enright

My mother is American and my father is Irish, and as a result, I’ve lived my life with my heart in two places. Living and studying in Ireland allows me to live my dream.

Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

BB Event Management with Public Relations

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Cindy Marshall

Following a year in Canada, I was encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to complete my degree in Ireland. I applied to the Limerick Institute of Technology as Limerick appeared to be a student-oriented, beautiful and lively city – and this has surely proven to be true.

Limerick Institute of Technology

BA Marketing & Management

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Daragh Mubarak Stanton

When I chose hospitality management as my career path I felt that the Irish sense of welcome, with its world famous “Fáilte” was certainly the best place for me to learn my craft.

Shannon College of Hotel Management

Bachelors in Business Studies & International Hotel Management

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Dinesh Choudhary

Ireland offers well structured career offices to help students find work experience after and during study, and one of the biggest advantages of studying here is that it is an English-speaking nation.

Waterford Institute of Technology

MBS Marketing

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