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MA in Accounting & Finance at ICD Business School

January 12, 2017 | By | 2 Comments

Interested in taking on an MA in Accounting and Finance? Find out more about what’s on offer at ICD Business School from international student, Minalben Patel

Why I chose Ireland?

Ireland offers a wide variety of opportunities, regardless of your interest and ambitions and offers one of the best education systems in the world with access to world-class research opportunities in leading programmes. It is also connected with career opportunities in big, global companies. The Emerald Isle is one of the friendliest and safest countries in the world and it’s the only English speaking country in the Eurozone!

Why I chose ICD for MA Accounting & Finance:

The ICD ( International College Dublin) Business School was established in 2001 for the purpose of providing high quality qualification to EU and Non-EU students. ICD is validated by QQI to deliver an MA in Accounting and Finance. ICD has a small class sizes – there are about 20 students in my Master’s course. I have had the opportunity to get know my classmates well and I have befriended many people since arriving here. Lecturers in ICD give their best when training students, not only in a groups of 20 students but also personally. After delivering lectures, they also mentor students individually. ICD has brilliant lecturers who dedicate their valuable time, often after class hours, to solve students queries.

My lecturer Mr. James O’Leary, describing how research methods can be useful in day-to-day life to one of my classmates after class hours.

What’s involved in the program?

The Master of Arts in Accounting and Finance is 2 years in duration. The course falls under NFQ Level 9 and is validated by the QQI. Entry dates for the course are open in September, February and June each year.

This programme is designed to be academically coherent and intellectually challenging. The breadth and depth of the programme is designed to be a rigorous test of academic ability.

The structure of the programme, the variety of learning styles and the range of assessment methodologies are designed to develop the learners’ skills and attitudes, higher level cognitive skills, transferable skills and research capabilities.

The course will specifically develop and enhance the ability of learners to recognise, analyse and solve business problems, often against a background of economic, social and technological change. Learners will develop the ability to critically evaluate systems and procedures based on good quality research methods.

What career options are available after course completion?

Accounting graduates can choose from career options such as accountant, payroll, clerk, tax auditors, chief financial officer.

Find out more about the MA Accounting & Finance course at ICD


  1. Hi there,
    Hope you’re doingw well i just want information about MA in accounting and fianance was student in Grafton college for one year in diploma but after one year i went to take admission in same course again with 80% attendance but they didn’t give me visa and said send your file to student review that’s all i did and now waiting from couple of months could you help me with that I really want to do study here but they make me helpless please if you can suggest me anything I’ll be waiting for your reply

    • Minal Patel

      Muhammad Awais,
      I have read your contents..very Firstly you have done diploma which counted in level 7..! After finished u took same course Same level?? Any specification do you have for that??
      You can take above level..! Which conducts to postgraduate or Master’s..
      As per rules..!
      This is website for more information , regarding course and rules..!
      You said your file is in student review.. so in that case you have to wait for their reply.. you have to keep in touch with them via Email every week..! Between that period you have to attend your all classes and present your exams as well..!
      Cause in student reviews, they are checking your present activities in college..
      Once you will get reply from student review you can mail me , will make a appointment with my director regarding courses.!
      Any questions you may ask..!
      All the best..!

      Regards: Minal patel
      International Students Ambassador

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