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International festivals at NCI

February 6, 2016 | By | 11 Comments

Ireland is a diverse country that celebrates difference… and we love to party! With Chinese New Year just around the corner, our Indian Ambassador Shilpika Kotina shares four of the many international events celebrated throughout the year at the National College of Ireland Read More

Getting into the holiday spirit in Waterford

December 20, 2015 | By | No Comments

With project due dates and final exams looming ever closer, Waterford provides its students with the perfect chance to escape the stress of school and get into the holiday spirit with its annual Christmas festival Winterval. Katie Fox, our Waterford IT and US Ambassador, tells us more about this winter wonderland…

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Month one in Ireland, my best moments so far

January 16, 2015 | By | One Comment

Currently studying for his Master’s in Data Analytics at the National College of Ireland, Sujay Viswanathapalli shares his most memorable moments from his first month in Ireland. From Irish humour, to feeding horses and  dancing, this is one trip he’ll never forget!
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An optimistic and Irish Thanksgiving

January 7, 2015 | By | No Comments

Siobhan is our US and Shannon College of Hotel Management Student Ambassador, and this year, she spent her third Thanksgiving away from her home. Instead of being homesick, she embraced this American holiday with her new study abroad friends… Read More


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