In her latest blog, Aminat Ajagbe, one of our Nigerian Student Ambassadors, shares her view of life in Ireland and sums up her time studying at Dublin Business School. Having finished her course in Dublin, she took the time to reflect upon the year gone by.

My student experience was a combination of both in-person and virtual classes and I want to share my experience as a DBS student and an International student in Ireland. I was excited to start my masters programme after overcoming some setbacks. I had no expectations but was looking forward to the new experience.  

Ireland is not my first travel experience, nor is it my second, but it is my first travel experience in Europe. So forgive me when I tell you that️ I forgot that in this part of the world the driver’s seat is on the right side – this was my first culture shock – I got in the cab taking me to my hotel from the airport and I almost face-palmed myself. 

Settling down in the hotel was quick, then I went to sight-see a little and checked out the school I was going to attend for the year. Dublin Business School is one of the largest independent colleges in Ireland, with several campuses within Ireland. I liked my school️; I had a pleasant experience as a DBS student. Most lecturers are experienced, approachable and knowledgeable. The student experience team and the student union outdid themselves during the pandemic – they made sure to provide students with the support and experience they needed. They tried their best to improve the situation we all suddenly found ourselves in. 

Dublin Business School (photo: DBS)

I can give such feedback because I was in a position to be of service to others. I was both the class representative for my class and the head peer mentor for MSc. students, which gave me more perspective into the efforts being put in for the overall student experience. 

My favourite place in DBS is the Castle House (one of the campuses) student common room. It is a place for students to chill, rest, catch up with friends between classes etc. It is just a place open to all, very colourful and always full of life before the pandemic – hopefully, it will be like this again soon??

In conclusion, my experience as an international student in Ireland – which is limited to Dublin for now – was a good one. I am yet to explore Dublin or Ireland fully, but it’s on my to-do list. 

Thank you for reading this post.  

Be safe and Strong ??❤️. 

Aminat has just concluded her MSc in Information Systems with Computing at Dublin Business School (DBS).