Wendy Evans-Uhegbu has studied medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) for the past six years. Discover why she thinks RCSI is a top choice…

Where you decide to go to medical school will have a significant role to play in the rest of your career, the friends you will make and have for life and where you will work and so on. So it is vital that you do your research as thoroughly as you possibly can before making a final decision. No pressure. The last 6 years in RCSI have been a blast and I am glad I made that final decision to start my medical career here. So, here are 10 reasons why I think you should choose RCSI…


Dublin and Ireland as a whole have so much to offer including breathtaking landscapes of pure green goodness, the friendliest people you will ever meet with a unique sense of humour, the best food, and absolute serenity. It is a place that feels like home no matter the weather or where you are from. The calmness and laid back demeanour of this beautiful place and its people have a way of drawing you in. In addition to this, there is always a pub in sight and the night life is superb!

RCSI’s main campus (St. Stephens Green campus) is located slap bang in the city centre, right next to the stunning St Stephen’s Green park. Step outside and you are less than a stone’s throw away from a barrage of restaurants, cafes, shops, theatres, cinemas and of course the library. You will never have to travel too far to find what ever you are looking for.


RCSI is well known for its world class standard of healthcare education. Having been a global leader in healthcare innovation for decades, studying here will open countless doors for you on a global scale. RCSI has over 20,000 graduates working in over 70 countries hence providing an invaluable networking system for both current students and Alumni.

Research and electives

RCSI provides its students with endless research and elective opportunities both in Ireland and internationally. Here at RCSI, research is taken very seriously and the students are encouraged to participate in one form of research or the other starting very early on in their medical school career of which a good number are sponsored. This could be during the summer breaks or incorporated into the actual school semesters. There is something for everyone.


RCSI boasts students from over 52 countries and counting. This in my opinion is an added value which provides a unique culture mix that doesn’t exist in any other healthcare institutions worldwide. Studying and living with fellow students from all over the world will enable you learn, understand and experience people from backgrounds and cultures dissimilar to yours, arming you with a magnitude of exposure you won’t get anywhere else. It’s like travelling to over 52 countries in 5 years and not having to purchase a plane ticket!

Quality of education and lecture delivery

Aside from lecture-based teaching, students are involved directly with patient care on the bedside, in the clinics and in the operating theatres. Lectures are also delivered in case-based and problem-based formats, sometimes with simulators to mimic real life as much as possible. We are mostly taught by senior clinicians from across all specialties and as a result we are exposed to a variety of medical and surgical fields early on in our medical school careers. A huge chunk of the teaching, especially during the clinical years are delivered in very small groups to enhance the learning experience. In addition to this, Intern-led and Peer-led tutorials are also provided to further enhance the learning experience.

Support systems

A variety of top notch support systems including Student welfare, Chaplaincy, Student services and so on are always on hand to assist you during hard times such as bereavement, mental health issues, accommodation issues, financial issues, to mention a few. You are never alone.

Social life

Whilst studying in RCSI, your social life will not suffer. We work hard but we also play hard. There are so many active clubs and societies in addition to a variety of events (there’s something going on everyday!) and so there’s never a dull moment. With so many clubs and societies to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy no matter your cultural background or interests.

Shared interest

At RCSI, everyone who studies, teaches and researches is focused on healthcare and so you will never lack motivation or inspiration should you fall short at some stage.

Free laptops

During your time here, you will be given 1-2 brand new laptops to further assist you with your studies. I am in the 6-year programme and I have received two laptops thus far, the first one in my first year and the second one in my fourth year. How cool is that?

Interesting fact

RCSI has been associated with a truck load of famous and renowned healthcare professionals, the most notable of which is Abraham Colles (23 July 1773 – 1843). He discovered the Colles fracture (fracture of the distal end of the radius) and was Professor of Anatomy, Surgery and Physiology for a few years and also The President in1802 at RCSI.

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