Does packing make you feel overwhelmed and a little stressed? Well, fear not! Canadian Student Ambassador, and first-time poster, Cassidy Raniowski has a little checklist for you before you go off to study abroad…

When faced with the proposition to study abroad by my institute in Canada, my simple answer was “yes!” with no hesitation I began to map out what a year in Ireland was going to look like. Until Covid-19 hit, I had a perfect vision of what the year had in store for me. Now, of course, there have been a few challenges that I have had to face on my travels. But I am here to say that it is possible, and more importantly a worthy opportunity. Just do not forget to pack these essentials…

To no surprise every time I pack up my suitcase I am overwhelmed with the number of possessions I own. So, when relocating it is not practical or financially justifiable to bring everything. 

Don’t Stress! I have always been a well-organised individual; therefore, I have compiled a list of  5 essentials to bring when moving abroad.  

Travel documents (photo: LuapVision via Canva)


This may be obvious, but while living in a time where we are faced with a variety of uncertainties it is better to be over-prepared. The airport can seem so large and filled with doubts of second-guessing your move but smooth travelling makes the transition easier. Therefore, keep all proper documents in a envelop that is secured in an accessible range to be presented upon request. Such documents may include but are not limited to: 

  • Passport  
  • Bank Information  
  • Travel Insurance  
  • Acceptance Letter  
  • Address of residence  

Suitable Clothing  

Moving from a country that experiences harsh cold winters and extremely humid summers I needed to educate myself on the weather in Ireland. To no surprise, the country experiences a great deal of rain and wind. Therefore, owning proper footwear such a rubber boots and thick rain jackets will better protect oneself from the elements. 


We live in a world that deems electronic devices as essential, therefore, to use these devices one must be able to provide life to them on a consistent basis. Canada and Europe have different charging outlets. Thankfully, mass providers offer converters for a reasonable price. I found that Amazon offered the best price for multi-packs but don’t hesitate to check out local grocery stores. Sidenote: portable chargers can be a lifesaver in desperate times of need too. 

Sweet treats (photo: yrabota via Canva)


When living abroad alone, you may find yourself missing some of your favourite treats from home. If you have made a proper packing list and have space, it won’t be a worry. Simply find sample size versions of your favourite treats to pack. Or if this is not an option and you prefer home-baked goods, acquire the recipe to bring along and share with your flatmates. This could be a great icebreaker when getting to know the people you will be living with. 

Something Sentimental  

Dorm rooms are oftentimes barren. To make it your own, pack some of your favourite memories captured in photographs. Not only do you have a piece of your loved ones there with you but it is an easy way to decorate your room. A good idea is to pack a camera to capture more memories abroad. This could be a disposable, polaroid or simply photos from your phone will do the trick.  

I hope this simple checklist of essentials to move abroad makes your relocation smooth. Remember to triple check your packing to ensure you do not forget anything -safe travels! 

Cassidy is studying Business Management at Munster Technological University.