Excited to know more about SETU Campus? Join Ram Pratap in this blog as he tells his experience as a Student Ambassador in one of the most prestigious colleges worldwide.

My SETU Waterford Discovery:

Finding myself at this stage of my career, where I witness my aspirations taking shape and form, has motivated me to acknowledge the trail of experiences I have accumulated over more than seven years of work experience in the education industry, where I was promoting Irish education and working as a higher education consultant in India. Each year of experience uplifted and gave me a strong understanding and confidence in the Irish education system. From having many face-to-face counseling sessions, I understand that choosing the right university is a pivotal decision for any student embarking on a higher education journey. As a current student at the South East Technological University (SETU) in Waterford, I aim to provide prospective students
with a comprehensive overview of the campus, its facilities, and the overall student experience. If you’re considering the September intake, read on to discover why SETU Waterford might be the perfect fit for your academic pursuits.

Beyond Borders:

Exploring SETU Waterford’s Campus Facilities Nestled in the heart of Waterford, the SETU campus is more than just a collection of buildings; it’s a dynamic ecosystem fostering learning and growth. The library, my sanctuary on campus, hosts a silent symphony of focused minds daily, a testament to the conducive study environment. The meeting halls, laboratories, and dedicated spaces for collaborative projects weave a tapestry of academic vibrancy. Noteworthy is the university’s commitment to holistic well-being, from the on-campus gym and initiatives like mental health week, recognising the importance of nurturing both the mind and body.

Crafting Futures:

Inside SETU Waterford’s Academic Realm SETU Waterford goes beyond being a mere educational institution; it’s a vibrant hub of
academic opportunities supported by the Irish government. With strong industry connections and programs integrating work placements, it provides a hands-on learning experience. Explore postgraduate avenues through its esteemed Masters and research programs, complemented by
excellent, affordable student accommodation. For international undergraduates at SETU, a Part
Scholarship waits for their postgraduate journey, highlighting the institution’s commitment to
global academic excellence. Step into a world where education knows no bounds, and possibilities align with your aspirations. Here are few most popular programs that students may consider:
▪ Master of Business (Economics and Finance Stream)
▪ MSc in Construction Project
Management (full time)
▪ MSc in Sustainable Energy
Engineering (full time)

Exploring Irish Academia:

SETU Waterford resonates with a profound commitment to supplying education of the utmost quality. Picture a faculty not just as educators but as seasoned professionals and devoted researchers who breathe life into an atmosphere designed for the flourishing intellects of students. Having walked the path of an education consultant in India, where my focus was passionately fixed on advocating for Irish higher education, I’ve come to recognise the intrinsic value of an Irish academic experience. SETU embodies this value, offering an educational haven where personal aspirations seamlessly intertwine with foundational ideals. In my journey, interacting with students navigating similar avenues, I’ve seen the transformative impact of the program accredited by NQAI. This program isn’t just about qualifications; it’s a carefully crafted framework that reflects the institution’s dedication to academic excellence.

Ram Pratap is studying MBS in Finance and business at SETU via Education in Ireland.