Meet our Student Ambassador Minh Nguyen and discover her brilliant tips for new and prospective students in Ireland.

Mastering the Master Student’s Life: My Study and Life Tips in Ireland 

By Minh Nguyen Ngoc Tue, from Viet Nam, studying Master in Financial Analytics at Dublin Business School, Ireland. 

Embarking on your educational journey in Ireland is an exciting prospect. Having consistently achieved first-class honours in all my assignments and exams so far, I’d like to share some straightforward yet effective strategies that have significantly contributed to my academic performance. 

Mastering Your Schedule with Google Calendar 

First and foremost, organising your schedule is paramount. Google Calendar has been an indispensable tool in managing my academic and personal commitments efficiently. It acts as a virtual assistant, ensuring I never miss a lecture or deadline, fostering a balanced approach to student life. 

Streamlining Notes and Tasks with Notion 

Adopting Notion for note-taking and task management has been a game-changer. This digital platform serves as a central repository for all my academic requirements, streamlining my study process. It’s akin to having a personal library where every piece of information is neatly categorised and readily accessible. 

Minh Nguyen is studying Financial Analytics at DBS via Education in Ireland.