Student Ambassador Vinicius loves many things about Ireland, but hiking has won his heart! Hiking has allowed him to explore magnificent Ireland while being budget friendly. In his first blog, he gives us information on 3 amazing hikes…

Hey! My name is Vinicius, I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I have been living in Ireland for 2 years. I initially came to Ireland to study and improve my English and to have an experience in a country completely different from mine. After studying English here, I decided to continue my studies doing a master’s degree in Data Analytics at Technological University of Shannon (TUS).  

The most beautiful sights! (photo: Vinicius)

Unexpected gems on the Emerald Isle…

There are many things I love about Ireland, but for me, one of the unexpected gems I’ve found here has been the wonderful hike trails that are all over the island, and the best part, it’s for free! This comes with a small word of warning however, most of these are off the public transport system so you will need a car to get to them. But trust me, it’s worth making the effort for. 

We know that student life is not easy, most of us work part time to help with expenses, and sometimes we must save to be able to pay all the bills. Often students look for some tours that do not consume much of their pocket, and for this reason, I decided to write about some hikes that I did over the summer, all located within 30 minutes of Limerick city. 

Map of the hikes (photo: Vinicius)

12 O’Clock Hills

Irish hills (photo: Vinicius)

12 O’Clock Hills is located 5 km (3.1 miles) north of Sixmilebridge in Co. Clare. This mountain offers three different routes, with distinct levels of difficulty. Ideal for those looking only for a walk and for those who have a greater level of fitness so you can decide between three routes 5k, 8.5k and 13k. An amazing view from the top waits for you. Also, you can see a compass that allows you to see the distance and direction from where you are standing to different cities in Ireland. Towards the end of the hike you will pass through a fairy village, incredibly beautiful and charming, some ‘’worries stones’’ are available, folklore says that when you take one of these stones all your worries are transferred to the stone, but do not forget, you must return the stone for it to work and concentrate on that.


Worry stones (photo: Vinicius)


The second hike that I want to share is Moylussa, it is the highest point in county Clare. To start you must start at beside a village called Killaloe (it is a small village that sits on the shore of Lough Derg and the River Shannon) you can also check out this cute village before you start hiking. Moylussa is not a difficult hike; you will walk around 10km and spend 3 hours doing the route. We International students live far from home to study, sometimes staying connected with nature helps us to reconnect to move forward. 


Millenium Cross & Lough Derg Circular 

The last one is Millennium Cross and Lough Derg Circular is a 10km out and back trail located near Derrycastle, County Tipperary that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a few activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Millennium has an amazing view and is worth a visit!!! 

Secret trails (photo: Vinicius)


Blue skies matching blue waters (photo: Vinicius)







Ireland is a country with many wonderful mountains to know during your stay. I highly recommend that you do these activities during the summer, the winter is harsh here and the rains are abundant during the Autumn and Winter, which makes hiking more dangerous during these periods. Also, the days are shorter in winter compared to summer. In the summer the sun sets around 9pm while in winter by 4.30pm it is already dark. I hope you enjoy my account of The Emerald Isle.

Vinicius is studying Data Analytics and Computer Engineering at TUS.