In a new blog, Student Ambassador Chen Jia Ng (Angel) from Malaysia tells us three things she loves about Ireland! 

Hello there, everyone. I’m Angel, and I’m a student at Dundalk Institute of Technology, where I’m studying for a Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree. In this blog, I’ll chat with you about a few things or food about what I love in Ireland . 


The Munchy Box (photo: Angel)


The first is a really nice and delightful dish, which we call “munchy box” in this case. The items that I always ordered are listed below.It is an inexpensive fast food product sold from takeaway restaurants. It consists of an assortment of fast foods served in a large pizza box.We also order it as we have a party time in Ireland. The contents of a munchy box vary but may typically include kebab meat, fried chicken, pizza, chicken tikka, samosas, onion rings, chow mein noodles, pakora, naan bread, garlic bread , coleslaw  and other fast foods. We can choose the sauce such as sambal, curry and others.


Busy timetable (photo: Angel)

The second element in here is relaxation; we can truly not stress about life, as seen by the fact that everyone in here is more concerned with their lifestyles and good emotions than others. I would spend my free time doing journaling, deco journaling, and managing my channel on various applications. College life is a hectic period, but here, lectures recognise that students require fresh air and social interaction in order to stay awake and self-disciplined in their work or assignments. 


Student Life

Relaxing with friends (photo: Angel)


The third point is to encourage students to drive in a good condition. I discovered that there is a difference between my country and Ireland. I may express my thoughts in a nice and humble manner, for example, if we feel our course is insufficient for us, we can discuss it with our lecturers and the course director.They will like listening to your ideas and hope that we will be able to express ourselves more. The majority of the lectures are friendly and helpful; they will assist us in solving our problems and provide us with a great deal of power and useful suggestions. This will help us to improve in a variety of ways. 

Also, I prefer wandering around the street or on my way to or from school or home since I enjoy a calm environment, which can help me with my inspiration as well as appreciate the scenery and observe the people. 

Chen Jia Ng is studying Music at Dundalk Institute of Technology.