No experience? No problem. In her second blog, Student Ambassador Brenda shares her top tips for landing a part-time job in Ireland. She guides us through the process so… if you need to look for a job, keep reading!

Before we start this blog post, I would like to emphasise the top 3 tips below are from my previous experience in Ireland. I believe there isn’t a correct “formula” to get a job in Ireland. Everyone has their own journey and their own experience. I am just sharing what worked for me. Now it’s time for you to build your own!

 Step 1: Get Your Basics Right 

This step could potentially look the most obvious, but it is the most important. Rules and regulations can easily change. You must be able to know where to get correct and reliable sources about working part-time in Ireland. Information gives you confidence and knows where you stand. They are:  

  • Currently, Ireland minimum working wage for people aged 20 and over is €10.55. People aged 19 is €9.45, Aged 18 is €8.40 and Aged under 18 is €7.35 as per 1st Jan 2022. The moment this blog post was written. The employer can pay you more than the minimum wage if they want, but they are not required to by law. For more information visit:  
  • Non-EEA students with Stamp 2 permission are allowed to work part-time. They can work up to 20 hours a week during term and up to 40 hours a week in the holidays.  
  • Holiday periods have been set as June to September and 15 December to 15 January.  
  • Students with stamp 2A permission are not allowed to work. 

To get the most up to date rules for international student working arrangements visit and labour laws in Ireland 

Step 2: Choosing an Industry Sector 

Choosing the industry you are willing to work in is a challenging task by itself. You will have to balance available part-time jobs and what you like. Most common part-time jobs in Ireland are in the service industry so restaurants, hotels, pubs, stores, minders etc. It’s not impossible to find “office” jobs part-time. I would say they take a bit of some strong networking and some perseverance.  

 Step 3: Build your CV  

There are many online free blogs on CVs out there. Just do a google on it. I have a file download station where you can download an example of my first cv in Ireland.  At National College of Ireland, we have a strong carer’s team who support us every step of the way. On this page you will find very practical tips  

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Brenda is pursuing an Masters in Marketing at the National College of Ireland.