Outside of the hustle and bustle of Ireland’s larger cities are smaller ones brimming with vibrancy and warmth. At first, Student Ambassador Linh was leaning towards Dublin for her study abroad experience, but once she got a taste of what Waterford had to offer, she never looked back! In her second blog, she tells us 5 things that amaze her in Waterford…

Hi I’m Linh! I’m a Vietnamese student who is taking her master program in International Business at Waterford Institute of Technology.  

Sometimes when talking about studying in Waterford, people might think it will be a bit quiet because it is not as large as Dublin. I considered the same at first, however when I arrived and really experienced life in this city, Waterford surprised me with it’s vibrant culture and the new and lovely things I see each day. Let’s see how the oldest city of Ireland has picked a Vietnamese student up!  

City of Street Art  

There are lots of painting walls in Waterford City for me to stroll around. Every time I walk down the street, I come across a new painting, whether it is a freshly painted wall or an old artwork that has been replaced. Every year in August, there is a Waterford Walls art event for all worldwide artists. This makes Waterford into a vibrant, ever-changing work of art.  

Street art (photo: Linh)


The cost of living in Waterford is extremely affordable and comfortable, especially for students. Waterford rents for half the price of crowded cities like Dublin. The food is also quite reasonable, and if I simply buy ingredients for my own cooking, the total cost is not much higher than in Vietnam. 

Safe and Sound  

Waterford is a tranquil, welcoming city where strangers may greet one another on the street. Whether you’re traveling alone or returning home late, most pubs are safe and convenient. Of course, leaving late at night is not encouraged, but if you have to, Waterford is a safe city to visit.

Waterford City Centre (photo: Linh)

History of the city  

We all know that Waterford is Ireland’s oldest city, with a storied Viking past. However, it will be a very unique experience walking in the Viking Triangle where cobblestone lanes lined with town houses, shops, and cafes surround relics from the city’s Viking, Norman and medieval past. 

The Viking Sword (photo: Linh)

Other little strange things 

As an international student from Asia, there are a number of aspects about Ireland that surprise me, some of which are weird yet fascinating: Tap water is…drinkable; The faucet in the sink will have two separate hot and cold faucets instead of combining them into one; The weather is unstable and unforecastable; The hob has its own switch, which I nearly always forget to turn on until I’ve been waiting for an eternity and it still hasn’t heated up; Bank holidays, the day we get an extra day off, and simply an extra day off, doesn’t have any special meaning…I guess.

Dunmore – a beautiful place to explore in Waterford (photo: Linh)

Linh is studying International Business at Waterford IT