Familiarising yourself with the culture of another country can help make the transition into local life smoother! In her second blog, Student Ambassador Bruna gives us a few popular Irish culture recommendations. Read on to find out her top suggestions…Moving from one city to another can come as a challenge. Dealing with new rules, different slang, making new friends, and finding out which places are good to go to, it can be tough. At home, even moving from one place to another we can notice differences, now imagine that when it happens in a new country!

Deciding to study abroad is a big decision but an important step towards achieving your dreams. By doing this, we leave our comfort zone, and leave everything we know behind. It can be scary and you can get butterflies in your stomach worrying ‘will it work?’. But you won’t know, unless you try. 

While I was still in Brazil I started to delve into Irish culture and history to ease the cultural shock and language difference. How did I do that? I used my favourite hobbies: reading books, listening to music and watching TV series and movies to learn about Ireland.  

Here are some options I’d recommend to learn about Irish culture! I could probably spend all day giving recommendations but, here are a few!

  1. Father Ted: is a sitcom and every single Irish person that I know recommends this program;
  2. Many movies and TV series are shot here in Ireland so watch while taking notes of the names of the places to visit in your holidays from college. I have a list of those places, I have been in some of them (yes, I visited Cliffs of Moher because of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie);
  3. Books: it is definitely impossible for me to suggest just one! I love to read and I read lots of stories about Celtic Mythology, Samhain, castles and places in Ireland.
  4. Bands:  Clannad: there is a concert on YouTube “Clannad: Live at Christ Church Cathedral” that I think is beautiful;
  5. The Pogues: the song “Fairytale of New York” is a huge success at Christmas;
  6. The Saw Doctors: that one was a recommendation from a friend. 

These helped me adapt to Ireland, so I hope it could help you too! When you get here, do not forget to have a full Irish breakfast. Don’t forget to find a small pub, which is where you’ll find the loveliest people, the best stories and listen to traditional Irish music!

Bruna is studying Computer Science at Dorset College Dublin