Thinking of a career in healthcare? Student Ambassador Anoushka gives 7 reasons why RCSI may be the perfect match for your study abroad experience!

Choosing a university is a challenging task that all of us must undertake at some time in our lives. This will not only have an impact on our professional prospects, but it will also provide us with life experiences that last a lifetime! If you want to work in healthcare, here are some factors why the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) might be a perfect match for you! 

1: Early Patient Contact
  • Beginning in the first week of the program, you will master clinical skills such as, recording thorough patient histories and evaluating their symptoms. 
  • Visits to hospitals, clinics, and GPs surgeries are built into the curriculum from the start of the course.
  • During these visits, everything that could go wrong with the human system is highlighted. Then during anatomy, you learn how these systems should function properly.

RCSI library (photo: Anoushka)

2: State-of-the-art Facilities 
  • The National Surgical Training Centre (NSTC) covers two floors of a state-of-the-art facility in Dublin city centre. 
  • It is equipped with hospital room simulations, patient dummies, and a mock operating theatre! Very cool.
  • Before you commence full-time hospital rotations, you get to hone your clinical skills in Europe’s largest, and most modern clinical simulation centre!
  • Other amazing facilities include: a three-story library, study pods, gyms, with a female-only gym, a multifunctional sports facility, and ‘The Dispensary’. 



3: Elective Opportunities
  • At the RCSI Summer Research School, you have the opportunity to participate in both clinical and research electives hosted in some of the world’s finest hospitals! 
  • You get to do this while developing your research abilities too. 
  • The opportunities for shadowing and observatorships are always just an email away!
4: The Campus
  • RCSI’s York Street facility houses Europe’s most advanced clinical healthcare simulation centre
  • The RCSI building on St Stephen’s Green is one of the most iconic (and beautiful!) buildings in Dublin’s city centre. 
  • The campus is right in the heart of Dublin, with Grafton Street less than a minute’s walk away. What more could you ask for?!

The RCSI building (photo: Anoushka)

5: The Diversity 
  • RCSI has students from over 52 countries (and is still increasing!) 
  • Studying and living with students from all over the world allows you to learn, comprehend, and encounter individuals from other backgrounds and cultures than your own. 
  • This exposure is so unique and is so hard to find anywhere else! 

St Stephen’s Green Park, the perfect spot to meet friends! (photo: Anoushka)

6: Social Life
  • RCSI has several societies and sports clubs, as well as providing a wide range of events and activities. 
  • There is something to suit everyone’s interests!
  • With so many clubs and organisations to choose from, you are bound to discover something that piques your interest, regardless of your cultural background or hobbies!
7: Student Support
  • RCSI offers so many top-notch support systems!
  • The college and Student Services provide student welfare and counselling services to help you through any challenging times.

Anoushka is studying Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)