Tired of doing the same thing on your day off? Sayonara Pessoa Bittencourt, our Brazilian ambassador and student of Creative Digital Media at TU Dublin Blanchardstown has the perfect remedy with her guide to a creative day out in Dublin.

What do you do when you have a rare day off in Dublin? When I explore the city, I am always on the lookout for something new and interesting that could inspire my work. I have compiled a list of places that I think will intrigue and inspire any creative professional. Go check them out!

The Science Gallery (Morning)

Front of building, glass window displaying the sign for the science gallery

Science Gallery Dublin

Located on Pearse Street, on the corner of the Trinity College campus lies the Science Gallery. This place not only caters for the science crowd, but also for the creative mind. Recently they exhibited Intimacy, an open art and science exhibition about the relationship between human connections and technology. Keep an eye out for their next exhibitions. The best thing about the Science Gallery? Admission is always free! It is the perfect place to start your day.

George’s Street Arcade (Lunch)

Clothes hanging from a roof display inside a Victorian market

George’s Street Arcade

The George’s Street Arcade is a Victorian Market where you can find some really creative and funky items —  a huge selection of hats, bags, souvenirs, books and vintage dresses are all worth stopping to look at. They even have a fortune-teller! Or if you find yourself suffering from sensory overload you can stop at one of their lovely cafes to refuel .

The Clockwork Door (Afternoon)

Doorway in Dublin with a view of the Haypenny Bridge reflected in the glass

The Clockwork Door Dublin

If you find that by the afternoon you are feeling a bit tired then seek out a place with a relaxed, chilled vibe like The Clockwork Door. Located at 51 Wellington Quay, this is one fo my favourite places for meeting friends, playing some video games, studying or attending one of their amazing MeetUps. In this cozy creative space, you pay for the time you stay (which is approximately 5 to 8 cents per minute) and then you can take advantage of everything they have available! They even have some Escape Rooms. It is such a quirky and unique place, I highly recommend a visit here.

Cassidy’s Pub (Evening)

Front entrance to Cassidy's pub with chairs and tables outside

Cassidy’s Pub Dublin

A typical day out in Dublin is not complete without ending it with a pint! Located on Westmoreland Street, Cassidy’s is definitely one of my favorite pubs in the city. They have a selection of board games you can play with your mates over a few drinks. It’s a very creative environment with words written by previous customers scrawled on every spare inch of the bar. Finish your day here with a pint and a pizza in the very heart of the city centre. Sláinte!