Our ambassador from China and student at UCD Smurfit Business School Xin Zhou, brings us on a tour of the best ice cream spots in Dublin that are guaranteed to make your summer sweeter!

Now that the sun has decided to make an appearance in Dublin, we can make plans to cool down with some delicious ice cream. There are so many options to try in Dublin from Italian gelato to handmade artisanal treats made with local ingredients. As a sweet lover, having an ice cream on a sunny day makes me incredibly happy. So, with that in mind I would like to share the wonderful ice-cream I have found in Dublin so you can enjoy summer with me!


Murphy’s ice cream is some of the best you will find in Dublin. They never use artificial colours, flavourings or powered milk, so the ice cream always tastes rich and smooth. There are so many flavours to choose from. My favourite is the chocolate chip flavor and believe me when I tell you that you will not regret having an extra scoop! Branches of Murphy’s can be found in Dublin, Dingle, Galway and Killarney.

hand holding a chocolate and vanilla ice cream cone outside a blue painted shop front

Chocolate Chip ice cream from Murphy’s

Mooch Frozen Yoghurt

Mooch frozen yoghurt is a little bit different from a traditional ice-cream — they use 100% natural gluten free frozen yoghurt to give you an amazing taste which is just as delicious as ice cream. For the health conscious among us there is the added benefit of the yoghurt being 0% fat! If that all sounds too plain for you then fear not as there are an array of different toppings you can choose from including fruit, cookies and chocolate.

Hand holding frozen yoghurt in front of a sign with nutritional information

Frozen yoghurt with toppings at Mooch

Gino’s Gelato

Vieni e prendi un gelato! That’s ‘come and have an ice cream’ in Italian. If you want to try an authentic Italian ice cream, you have to go to Gino’s. In addition to the iced treats on offer you can also add a crepe or Belgian waffle with melted Nutella and strawberries to your order for some added indulgence! Perfect if too much of the cold stuff is giving you brain freeze!

cases of gelato in a variety of different colours

Italian style Gelato!

Bubble Waffle Factory

Here comes my favorite one! With crisp edges and soft oval ‘bubbles’, I am pretty sure you will fall in love with these waffles too. Actually, this kind of ice cream treat is from China, it is a traditional Hong Kong street food. Amazing to see this trend take off in Dublin!

hand holding a bubble waffle with ice cream and chocolate sprinkles

Bubble waffle factory

There are many other great ice cream shops in Dublin, but these four have been the best I have tried so far. I promise to keep exploring for more and report back on my findings!  If you haven’t tried them before, take my advice and treat yourself, you won’t regret it. And if you know some other great ice cream spots in Dublin, please share and comment below.

Wishing you all the sweetest summer!