Ever wanted to write a letter to yourself? What do you wish you had known when embarking on a new journey in life? Maria, our ICD Business School Ambassador reflects on her time in Ireland and gives her younger self some advice…

Dear Maria,

When you make the decision to study abroad, you are most likely to be overwhelmed with advice and recommendations of places to go and things to do in your chosen destination. However, in this letter I would like to tell you a few things…

During your time as an international student in Ireland you will have many up and downs. As is normal in life, you may face rainy, cold days–and I’m not just talking about the weather! During your journey in this country you will learn that you will meet some people you will call friends, buddies, mates, but over time you will realise they are not just your friends–they are your family. You’ll discover that blood is not always needed to call someone brother or sister. Cherish these people!

In this adventure you will face some tough moments, they will make you feel insecure and maybe without direction on where to go, or what to choose. You will feel like giving up at times and when college and work looks hard and impossible to do you might think it better to go back home. Let me tell you something important–do not give up! Remember your goal and the sacrifices you made to come here and study. Remind yourself of this and it will pay off in the end!

Why keep going? Because during the hard times, you will grow as a person. At the end of this adventure the diploma will be a plus because more than a graduate you will be a stronger person full of compassion. You will become brave and respectful to others; you’ll discover all the skills you have and do things you did not know you were capable of doing until you came here and faced the most wonderful adventure of your life so far.

Remember, no matter how dark and difficult the situation may be, no matter who leaves you during this journey–keep them in your heart and keep moving. Keep walking towards your goal, because after all no matter how dark it may get, he sun will always rise and shine again.

Yours Sincerely,

Maria de los A. Martinez

ICD Student Ambassador 2017-2018