Experience the beauty of nature with our Student Ambassador, Dalia Chahien, as she takes on hikes and indulges in ice cream delights. 🏞️🍦

A Medical Student in Ireland’s First Aid Kit 

It is no secret that leaving one’s family and loved ones to go and study abroad is not an easy voyage. It is one that I had a particularly difficult time welcoming. As excited as I was to study medicine in Ireland, it felt as though I was saying goodbye to a lot back home and in such a short window of time. I was also afraid of the unknown and what foreboding that held.  

I said my goodbyes and propelled myself onto the first steppingstone, careful not to look back and lose my footing.

I was astounded by how quickly I started to get acclimated. I quickly realized, many had felt the same longing I did and held the same fears I held. Quickly, the landscape changed from a dauntingly poor-lit one to one that illuminated the realms of my imagination with all of the possibilities that started to present themselves.  

The highest mountain in Ireland is 1038.6 meters, and the best pistachio white chocolate ice-cream is in Gino’s. Exploring is your key to Ireland’s scenic sites and dairy bites. My advice- don’t waste any second of it. 

Your basic medical student first aid kit

Hiking, ice-cream and a phone with wi-fi to call your loved ones. My first hike was the bray to Greystones cliff walk. My first Gino’s ice cream scoop was pistachio flavoured. My first convenience store soft serve was in Cavan. And in true GenZ fashion, my phone was there to document it all.

Dalia Chahien is studying Medicine at RCSI via Education in Ireland.