Join our Student Ambassador, Trang Nguyen, as she explores the stunning landscapes of Ireland!🍀

 Who, as an adventurous international student, has missed out on a chance to admire the enchanting allure of the Irish coastline? Yearning for an escape from the confines of university life, I set out on a cliff walk to Howth, east of central Dublin.

Equipped with a backpack containing essentials, I commenced my journey. The trailhead greeted me with the salty breeze and the distant symphony of seagulls, beckoning me towards the promise of adventure. The coastal path unveiled breath-taking vistas, with waves crashing against rugged cliffs and seascapes stretching to the horizon, a captivating panorama that fuelled my wanderlust.



As I traversed the winding paths along the cliff edge, I encountered a diverse group of fellow hikers – some avid nature enthusiasts, others locals eager to share tales of the area’s history and folklore. The sense of camaraderie transformed my solo adventure into a communal experience, with shared laughter echoing through the coastal air, connecting kindred spirits on a journey of discovery. 

Captivated by the raw beauty of the landscape, I found a perfect spot to rest—a rocky perch overlooking the vast expanse of the Irish Sea. The rhythmic sound of the waves below provided a soothing soundtrack as I absorbed the serenity of the moment, appreciating the simplicity and grandeur of nature. 



Continuing my journey, I navigated the meandering paths that led me to Howth Harbour. Colourful fishing boats bobbed gently in the water, adding a maritime charm to the scene. Intrigued by the bustling activity, I decided to indulge in a seafood feast at a local restaurant. With each bite, I savoured the flavours of the ocean while immersing myself in the lively ambiance of the harbour, absorbing the vibrancy of local life. 

As the sun began its descent, casting a warm glow over Howth, I concluded my cliff walk adventure. With a heart full of memories and a camera brimming with picturesque snapshots, I realized that the journey had not only connected me to nature but also woven a story of personal growth and discovery in the breath-taking landscapes of Ireland. 

The adventure had expanded my horizons, offering a respite from the academic rigor and providing a canvas for self-reflection. I returned to my studies with a renewed spirit, carrying the echoes of crashing waves and the camaraderie of fellow travellers, forever cherishing the unforgettable experience of the cliff walk to Howth, Ireland. 

Trang Nguyen is studying Sustainable Supply Chain Management at UCD via Education in Ireland.