Learning to appreciate the small moments in life, opens up an entire world of wonder! When Student Ambassador Aditi came to Ireland, she learned this fast. In the blink of an eye, it can all be over! At the end of each day, she acknowledges she is living her dream, and she welcomes the fresh opportunities of tomorrow…

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

“Oh, c’mon mom don’t worry, I have two months to travel, packing can be done in no time”. And flash, I was in Dublin! Yeah, you pictured it right! The time flew by.

From being so nervous about how I would adapt and manage a new place, with new people and new work, to now advising incoming students?! This shows how Dublin has helped me to get comfortable. 

Once you reach Ireland, the fresh air will shock you! This happened to me the second I stepped out of the airport into the fresh-Irish air atmosphere. The vibrant greenery around the roads here, and the red, brick houses grabbed my attention instantly. Having researched Ireland over the internet for months, its famous nickname, The Emerald Isle, definitely fits! Green is absolutely everywhere! And paired with the brilliant other colours, there is so much beauty in every scene. 

Finding my feet…

Indeed, in the initial days I struggled a bit, but the amazing people around me made it so manageable! I began my journey staying in an Airbnb, but then luckily I found a flat to move into. At this moment, I realised how important it is to have good friends around, as you will never know when you’ll need them most. As the days passed, I still had some time before starting college, so I explored Dublin, roaming around the nearby areas to get a better idea of how things worked here. During this time, I learned some important things that Irish people do daily, like sticking your hand out for the bus-driver to stop at the bus-stop, and thanking the drivers when exiting the bus! These are really nice habits Irish people have, and really shows how gentle and welcoming the Irish people are!

Dublin skyline (photo: Aditi)

When my orientation day came around, once more, I was surrounded by strangers. Your first encounter with your classmates can be very overwhelming. However, seeing so many different faces, from all around the world, confirmed that I made the right decision. We are all on the same path. Getting to know each other, and learn new things is itself a first step in growing individually and bringing your life to the next stage. 

Being a people-person, I had always planned to engage with as many events as possible by joining clubs and groups! From the very beginning, I joined everything that came my way. Trust me, getting involved is something you will never regret. They also fill your time with so much positive energy, that you have no time to be homesick!!

A new place to call home…

Cliff walk (photo: Aditi)

I had already been in Dublin for two weeks when I realised how much I had adapted to the new city, and my new routine. To celebrate, I took a small trip! Having been working with the UCD International Student society, we organised a trip to do the Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk. It was a one-day trip, but dude trust me, there were some beautiful scenes. I was literally awestruck. The greenery everywhere, the ocean stretching as far as you can see, the peace, the chilly breeze, but bright sunlight was the most amazing experience for my first trip out of the city!

I needed the city to feel like home. Well, it happened!


As time goes on, I am making sure to experience all that I can in the short period of time I have here. I am trying to enjoy every single moment. Ireland has continuously impressed me, from the very beginning, and until the very end! There is so much to learn here, and so much to experience. At the end of every day I do really feel like this place gives you endless opportunities to follow your dreams and passions, while finding new ones along the way…

Aditi is working towards a Master’s in Business Analytics at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.