Diana Catherine, our Mexican Ambassador and DBS student gives us some advice on putting your best foot forward as an international student, being ambassador for your country and making the most of your study abroad adventure…

We all are emotional human beings, we all have dreams, we all have roots somewhere in the world, and from what I have realised, even when our countries are not doing that well, we all feel proud of the place where each one of us come from. With this in mind, the first step you make into a new country makes you automatically become the Ambassador from that land of yours.

Think of it, in this globalised world it is not hard to already have a perception or stereotypes in mind about other cultures. Sometimes we like and enjoy what we hear about our own culture, and sometimes we disagree with what it is being said. When the latter happens embrace the moment and put forward a good  attitude to inform people about what you know; about what you have read; and most of all about what you have experienced — this is your opportunity to share yourself and tear down some of those not-quite-right stereotypes.

Share your anecdotes, the way people greet each other in your country, the music you grew up with, the flavours that are so unique to you and the games you played with your friends as a child. Tell people about the words your parents have dedicated to you along your life, your accomplishments, your battles and the fears that you learned how to overcome — all factors that have helped to build the person that you are right now. Every memory is completely yours and by sharing some of those treasures with others, you might realise that your life is an incredible piece of art — one that others would love to hear about.

Anywhere where you go, there will be learning opportunities awaiting for you — you just have to remain open to see them, to hear them and to take what you want from them because you are the one who is going to give shape and meaning to what happens in your life. You are going to be the one living the moments, the one who tells the story — so make the most of every opportunity and take advantage of this study abroad adventure.

If you are considering moving to study abroad and wondering where you can have a thrilling, fulfilling, empowering and unforgettable experience as a student — without a doubt Ireland has it all. The diversity of people, businesses, landscapes, its modernity and history combined provide all that is necessary to successfully achieve your goals and beyond. This is the place where technology and traditions come together to create an environment that makes of Ireland an amazing place to be.

The last piece of my advice? Don’t forget to smile! In Ireland, you are living in a land where magic is happening all the time — embrace it!