“As an Afghan student, the Irish scholarship program is an incredible gift. It has allowed me to pursue my dreams and gain the qualifications necessary to succeed.”

Listen to the transformative experience of Student Ambassador Nasratullah Taban, as he shares the profound impact of the Irish scholarship program.

Me with other international students at Mary Immaculate College (Photo by MIC

Afghanistan has been subject to immense conflict for the past forty years, culminating in the Taliban’s control of the nation. As a result, universities and schools have been closed, depriving the Afghan youth of vital educational opportunities and often compelling them to emigrate.

Consequently, the nation has suffered a shortage of educational prospects, hindering future generations from acquiring the skills and knowledge needed for building a thriving society. Additionally, the absence of access to international education has hampered Afghan students’ potential to become successful professionals in their chosen fields, leading to a ‘brain drain’ in which many of the country’s most intelligent minds have left the country to pursue educational opportunities elsewhere.
I am fortunate to belong to the younger generation. As a result, education was always a priority in my life. Through a mix of grit and perseverance, I was awarded the Government of Ireland International Scholarships “GOI-IES” to study for my master’s degree in Media Studies at one of the best colleges in Ireland, Mary Immaculate College in Limerick.

This generous scholarship program has allowed me to receive a quality education in a safe and secure environment, free from the violence and instability that currently plagues Afghanistan. In addition, this kind of scholarship program has been a lifeline for many Afghan students. Without it, they would not have been able to pursue their studies and gain the qualifications necessary to build a future and contribute to society.

As an Afghan student, the Irish scholarship program is an incredible gift. It has allowed me to pursue my dreams and gain the qualifications necessary to succeed. I am deeply grateful to the government of Ireland for its generosity and commitment to helping Afghan students. This program is a testament to the power of education and its potential to change lives.

Overall, the Irish government has supported Afghan students significantly over the years. The Irish government’s support has enabled thousands of Afghan students to pursue their academic dreams, allowing them to gain a better education and live a more fulfilling life. Therefore, the Irish government must continue supporting Afghan students to ensure they can pursue their academic ambitions and live better lives.

I thank the government of Ireland for its continued support and commitment to helping Afghan students. I am grateful for this incredible opportunity, and I hope to continue to make our country proud through our efforts in our studies.

Why I chose do a Masters in Media Studies at Mary Immaculate College?

Mary Immaculate College (MIC) is an attractive choice for higher education due to its reputation for high-quality teaching and learning, its range of facilities and services tailored to meet student’s individual needs, and its commitment to the local community. Furthermore, the college has a committed International Student Support Services team that helps international students with visa applications, housing, and financial aid, as well as an International Student Affairs Office that supplies resources and programs to help international students adjust to life in Ireland.

The main building of MIC-Limerick (photo taken by myself on 20 January 2023)

The MA in Media Studies at MIC offers students the opportunity to develop and refine their analytical and quantitative research methods and to gain a comprehensive understanding of modern theories and practices for managing public and private media organizations. Moreover, the Media Studies program at MIC is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding and application of the current media landscape. Through rigorous coursework, students are expected to understand the latest theories, research, and approaches in the field.

The college’s faculty is drawn from highly qualified professionals who provide students with a comprehensive education in media theory and practical applications. Additionally, MIC offers various extracurricular activities, such as media-related clubs, workshops, seminars, and an extensive alumni and industry network, allowing students to gain valuable experience and knowledge while striving for excellence in this field.

The college’s “Reach Out” initiative is also designed to support disadvantaged community members. The government of Ireland has also demonstrated its commitment to helping Afghan students through its “GOI-IES” scholarship, which enables students to gain an invaluable education and set them up for success in the media industry.

MIC provides a safe and supportive environment for international students, a solid academic reputation, and the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the media industry. This makes it an ideal place to study and receive help from quality education. Without doubt, MIC is an excellent choice for those seeking higher education and the chance to further their studies.

Nasratullah is pursuing a Masters in Media Studies at Mary Immaculate College